Youtube is a treasure box full of footage from the May 22 concert The Smashing Pumpkins performed in France. Since I currently do not have tickets for any of the up and coming shows it has been very cathartic to watch the videos. So far my favorite is one that was put together with footage from all different parts of the show. Click on this link to see it!Video of The Smashing Pumpkins first show in Paris

Last time I saw the Pumpkins in concert was during the Machina tour in Mesa, AZ. It was in a lovely outdoor ampitheatre and we really had a great time. Shortly after that was the announcement; the Pumpkins were breaking up. I’ll admit right now that I cried, not hysterically or anything but there were tears. But during that concert Billy was wearing a fantastic black dress thing, ooh he looked so good. He always looks good, Billy has good taste in clothes. I saw him once when he was with Zwan, and again for his solo album The Future Embrace (which I so love) and each time I was impressed with what he was wearing. When video clips started pouring in from the reunion concert, once again I really liked what Billy wore: all white, with a little bit of black in the stripes.

Another exciting thing is that we are getting a chance to hear some of the songs from the new album, I have been watching them live on youtube and listening to them on a site called  to find and listen to the set list click on “music- Grand Rex” in the “latest editions” box.   I especially like Thats the way (my love is) and Bleeding the Orchid, not to mention what a thrill it is to hear songs like tonight  and cherubrock, and just feel the emotions of the crowd as the last song muzzle is played.

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I must have been in a super bad mood the first time my husband played The Shins for me.  He is so sweet, always on the lookout for music that he thinks I will like.   But I was pretty crabby that year and I didn’t want anything to do with them,  I know it is moments like this that keep Tac guessing about me.   A year or so before that he brought home some Muse for me, just knowing I would be ecstatic beyond  belief, but for reasons totally unknown to me I told him I didn’t like it.   The only thing we have been able to come up with is that I didn’t like the band that had recommended it as great music.   One of my brothers brought a Muse cd over one day and started playing it, and I have been in love ever since.   Tac teases me still about that one.   I came back to my senses about The Shins some time ago as well, so I was happy to hear that Tac had purchased the album “Wincing the Night Away” while he was in California last month.    However, all he managed to bring home was the empty cd case, the album still being in the rental car.    He called the rental car place, and they said they found it and would mail it back to us, but I think they just decided to keep it instead.   So last week I asked one of my brothers to make me a copy of it, but I can say that in front of millions of readers (at least :)    because technically I had already bought it.    I have been enjoying it, The Shins are happy music, I notice my kids humming along and generally not complaining.    They remind me ever so much of the music that my dad always listened to when I was a kid, with the guitars and harmonies,  and who doesnt like an occasional ukulele?    Yep, there is definitely room in my life (and ipod) for more Shins.

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I found out about this band from a google search on Billy Corgan (huge surprise to anyone who knows me). In the article they were talking about how Billy had taken them aside and given them some good advice on finding their own direction and maintaining it through industry ups and downs, thus helping them to end up where they wanted to be. Sleeping at Last, which apparently has been featured on Grey’s Anatomy ( I don’t really watch anything except The Office…which I love!) has some great keyboard playing. It seems like all the good bands are playing keys these days, maybe they always did and I just didn’t notice it, but I’m noticing now. I remember when I first heard Coldplay, the piano made such an impression on me. So I like the music, and the voice that accompanies it as well. Plus the bonus is that the album artwork is super cool, you should check it out and listen to them on their myspace page. They are touring about this summer, the closest they will be to me is Portland, but the ticket price is only $10.00 for that show. If you are anywhere near where they are playing, go have a fun night out and listen to some good music.

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tj-wedding-034.jpg my kids

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My sister went to London over spring break and saw The Phantom of the Opera, inspiring my brother and I to bust out the soundtrack and listen to a well loved, old favorite. (I mentioned in an earlier post that my two year old is basically addicted to it.) My brother love, love, loves Muse, and in his late night, sleep deprived life he had the somewhat crazy/ somewhat brilliant idea that Muse should do a cover of the song: “The Phantom of the Opera.” That song in particular being cool because of the potential with keyboards and electronic music. I think it would be marvelous, what do you all think?

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I just got my first taste of the new Smashing Pumpkins album Zeitgeist, and it altered my state of level headed anticipation into more of a giddy, hopping around sort of thing. My composure is totally discombobulated. The song is called “Tarantula,” its kind of poppy (probably why its the first to leak), definite pumpkin style drum and guitars and Billy is singing it, so I pretty much love it. If you would like to check it out, click here. Happy happy joy joy, happy happy joy joy.

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It was very exciting, I was “stumbled upon” by someone named A.J. who after reading through this site contacted me with the name of a band he (or maybe she) thought I would like. The best part is, I really like the music. That is the point of this blog; finding and sharing new music. So to anyone actually reading this, please share! The band that A. J. recommended is called A Somewhat Serenade. They are an independent, six member band from Arkansas, with three people doing vocals, an excellent piano player, drums and lots of guitars. They take all of that and mix it together, the result being a somewhat raw, relaxing blend of cool instruments and voices.    Adam, their piano player is also making an album of piano covers including music from My Chemical Romance, Panic! At the Disco, Arcade Fire, Death Cab and more.   Adam plays them by ear, I’m looking forward to hearing the whole album which should be available this summer.

Also, the Smashing Pumpkins have announced concert dates in San Francisco for late in July and Aug. 1st.    What I have been anticipating for like a year comes during a bad week for us since we already are going to the San Juan Islands during half of the days S.P. will be there.   So Tac and I will be talking tonite, do we somehow try to come home from one trip, dump the kids with grandparents and leave for another?  Do we have enough cash to be doing that? (no, but please its Billy Corgan)  Can he take that much time from the business?   Will I cry for ten days straight if we don’t get tickets and take the chance that the Pumpkins will be back through the west later in the fall?   I’ll let you know.

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TJ singing with The Handle This is a picture of my brother in law T.J. ( in the blue circa 1960′s pirate costume) singing to his new bride Haley, at their masquerade ball wedding reception. The party was fabulous. They decided to have a masquerade ball because they love the song I am a Pirate, You are a Princess by PlayRadioPlay. PlayRadioPlay is just cool electronic music, and the really neat thing is that the guy recorded it all by himself (I think in his garage) and it sounds just as good as studio music. His voice is sweet, innocent and confident all mushed up together, and the lyrics are enough fun to inspire a masquerade ball. I like to listen to it when I’m happy, and I usually end up dancing around doing whatever it is I’m doing.

In the photo, T.J. is singing with Russ Powell from cool local band; The Handle, who played for part of the night (check them out, they were really fun). They also sang Happy Birthday to me since it was my birthday, thanks guys. jen and tac Here’s Tac and I without our masks, he had a Zorro and a Batman mask that he traded around with our son, he was very cute.

emma mask

This is our daughter Emma, she was the flower girl. Our boys, Seth; two and Xzavier; five, were very busy all night wielding swords (sometimes at the bands), throwing Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle ninja stars, dancing, taking pictures of everyone and harassing the caterers.

Congratulations Haley and T.J.!!!!!

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1. In the Arms of Sleep, by The Smashing Pumpkins from the Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness album.
“there are some things I’ll live without

but I want you to know that I need you right now

suffer my desire, suffer my desire, suffer my desire for you.”

2. Falling Away with You, by Muse, from the Absolution album.

“I feel my world crumbling

I feel my life crumbling

I feel my soul crumbling

and I’m falling away…..with you.”

3. Transatlanticism, by Death Cab for Cutie, from the Transatlanticism album.

“I need you so much closer”

4. Little Red and Wolfie B., by Seve vs. Evan, I dont know from what album, this is just a treasure from someone else’s ipod to mine.

“why, why am I in love with the girl I ate?” This song is so wonderfully absurd, I actually feel more sorry for the wolf than for Little Red Riding Hood. This isn’t your garden variety depressingly beautiful love song, but the basic elements are there and I am going with it.

5. I’ll Put a Spell on You, by Aqualung from the album Strange and Beautiful.

“I’ll put a spell on you

and when I wake you

I’ll be the first thing you see

And you’ll realize that you love me.”

This list was created for taking part in a ProBlogger group writing project.

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My ipod didn’t stray far from the “m” section today. We listened to Muse in the car today, AND the weather was so sunny and hot that we had the windows down with the warm air blowing on us while we drove. Muse is one of those bands that is exactly what you needed no matter what kind of mood you are in. They totally rock, the lyrics are interesting, sometimes it sounds like there is an orchestra playing with them, and the vocals are amazing. There is so much emotion filled into those words as they come out at you, and I love this: the guy is singing so hard that he has to take these deep breaths and just keep going (its not like they are really loud, its just one of the many details that make this band so dang cool). Later in the house, we listened to the indie band Mae. I was first drawn to Mae because I really like the singers voice, and the more I listen to them, the more I like them. For the most part they are fairly mellow, but certainly not boring.

I so enjoy a guys voice that can get up high, carry beauty and emotion, and rock all at the same time.

So a little Muse in the car, a lot of Mae when we got home, and then my husband played Muse tonight while I was ironing and he was doing some work and I didn’t even ask him to put something else in because I had already listened to them. Plus I got a little sunburn in the back yard playing with the hose on the trampoline ( with my kids of course). I would say we had a pretty good day.

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