I’m sure by now you have heard that the Smashing Pumpkins new album Zeitgeist will have different bonus tracks on it, depending on which store you buy it from. All in all there will be four different versions.

People are making a big deal out of this, and spinning it into something negative. I have been amazed at how people (Pitchfork in particular) jump so quickly to think badly of a band and attribute their motives strictly to money and power.

I have been reading comments and blogs from people who say they were long time fans until this, so truly now because there are four versions of a really cool album available, they say they will not be buying the album at all and they think Billy Corgan is some kind of money hungry sell out.

They can’t have been very devoted fans, or even know their history very well because Billy Corgan has always been the opposite of everything they are calling him.

  • He supported Napster back when many musicians were out to kill it- which they did.
  • He gave away the entire MachinaII album online, just as a gift of music to the fans that loved The Pumpkins so much.
  • The shows in Asheville and San. Francisco had incredibly cheap ticket prices; $20-25.00 which The Pumkins easily could have charged double that and still sold out just as quickly.
  • They have made announcements that anyone can record or photograph them at their concerts, in fact they have made most of the new album available live on their site ThePumpkins.net for anyone to listen to.

I am disappointed once again by the petty, single minded way that people, and even so called fans, have jumped to conclusions without caring or even thinking for that matter. As for myself and other devoted fans, we are looking forward to all four versions of the album coming next month.

And, duh, if you don’t want to pirate the music and still want all four songs with out buying all four cd’s (seriously people, you REALLY think that the Pumpkins expect or even want you to buy all four versions!!!!), the Tarantula maxi-single has 2 of the songs on it and I would suspect that future singles will have the others available too.

I am so happy that Billy Corgan and the Band are back, despite all of the negativity and crap that he has received over the years in compensation for creating some of the most beautiful, true and real music.

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fake dog poo

All three of my children spent hours in the back yard today, playing in the mud. We have a dirt area surrounding the trampoline so that we wouldn’t have to worry about the grass dying, or moving the trampoline to mow the lawn. It also gives the kids a place to dig and make castles and mud bogs. Today they spent most of their creative energy on making fake dog poop to use for pranks. Every time I came near they got all hush hush about it, I guess they thought that when I was on the other side of the yard I couldn’t hear all of the plotting and planning going on. Then they carefully hid the tray of poo behind the outside toy box that doubles as the step to getting on the trampoline. This is the kind of stuff that makes summer vacation so dang wonderful.

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Right now the Spirit movie soundtrack(Oh yeah, the one by Bryan Adams) is currently being played on both floors of our house. Downstairs, Seth and Xzavier are listening to it while they jump off the stairs pretending to be (what else?) the horse Spirit. When they get tired from that they roll around on the floor for awhile playing steamroller, I guess they are pretending to be Bob and Doug McKenzie (from Strange Brew, eh Hosehead?…yeah, they have not actually seen that movie). Emma then came up and turned it on in her room, really blasting it I might add. This is possibly too much, even for a mom; Bryan Adams vs. Bryan Adams with me trapped somewhere in the middle. I did at least ask her to turn it down.

On the upside of things today, I did get to tell a 10 year old boy who thought that Green Day is a new band, they’ve been around since Tac and I were dating. Then I introduced him to another band: Weezer. Also today I listened to Bjork’s jazz album, written mostly in a Scandinavian language, Gling Glo. Love this album. I special ordered it like 11 years ago after I met someone from Japan *Nobuyuki Nonaka ;) * who played it for me. Its a rare favorite, I don’t play it all that often but when I do its always a pleaser.

Caru caru cooku cooku!!!! ha ha I’m still thinking about Strange Brew.

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A friend of Tac’s mentioned the band The Ours
to him last week, we checked out the website and they were coming to Boise so we got tickets.  The show was last night and we had a good time.  It was in a bar, so there were about 35 people attending, but The Ours performed like they were playing to a stadium full of people.   The singer in particular showed amazing emotion, he was totally immersed in his music; I must have watched his face the whole night because he was so intense.   He also played the tambourine in some of the songs and I have never seen anyone rock the tambourine like that before.   His voice is very high at times, the highlight for me was probably when he started one song with a beautiful version of “Ave Maria.”  It wasn’t perfect, he had a hard time sustaining some of the high notes, but it was almost more beautiful because of that.  At times he looked like he was crying, or his face would turn red and the veins were poking out, sometimes he conducted the music to the rest of the band with his whole body.   Then he would talk to the crowd in between shows in such a kind and gracious manner, and we noticed that he never used profanities, he was more articulate than that.   One of the guitar players was super cool, when he wasn’t on the guitar he was doing keyboard, and at one point he used a violin “wand” (I don’t know if that is the real name) to play the guitar.   They have a new album coming out, they put years of work into making it, and I wish them lots of success.   Check them out, if you can go see them live.

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We all love The Nightmare Before Christmas, the characters are grotesquely adorable, the storyline is entertaining and the music is so so fantastic. I get very excited when Danny Elfman does a soundtrack, his band Oingo Boingo has been one of my favorites since I was a Freshman in high school. I must have musicals on the mind, what with my son’s fascination with Phantom of the Opera, because I keep thinking that the next great Broadway musical should be The Nightmare Before Christmas. Who do we know that is tall, thin, pale and has a beautiful emotion filled, slightly depressing (in all the right ways of course) voice? If you know me at all then you know its Billy Corgan. Now I realize he is very busy with the new album and touring- please come somewhere near Boise, thank you- but I can wait. Billy Corgan would make the best “Jack” ever, to me this seems like such a good idea that hopefully some one in the actual business of making musicals has already thought of it and they are working hard to make it happen.

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I like the band Umbrellas, especially on days like today when I feel kind of quiet and off. My kids are gone to grandma’s for the whole week and I am enjoying have my time to myself, but it is also a bit strange. I have been getting all kinds of stuff done; weeding and other yard work, the house is really clean, I finished one book and started another: “Daniel Deronda” by George Eliot, I got a sunburn and we have listened to music in our bedroom late at night. I’m having a good time, but I do miss my fun kids. I got on the Umbrellas Myspace page today to see if they were going to be playing in Boise anytime soon and what a surprise they are. However, they are playing on Father’s Day and I have plans that day with MY FATHER, what are they thinking? Now no one will go and they will think Boise doesn’t like them, we like you ! We like you! Then Tac messaged me and told me that Mae will be coming in September, that and a Theo Chocolate bar made it all better, mostly. Since my kids are gone, I get to go see The Ours in concert tomorrow night. I am so looking forward to this. I need a live music fix. The night after that Tac and I are going to the Shakespeare Festival for a party that his E-MBA class is having. This month will mark the half way point in his program :) .

So listen to Umbrellas; maybe you can go to a show even. If you can’t go however, Theo Chocolate is a pretty good alternative. I especially like the dark chocolate bar with tiny pieces of french bread and sea salt…sounds a little strange but tastes really good.

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Hey, remember The Toadies? Their big radio song was Possum Kingdom from the album Rubberneck; “make up your mind, decide to walk with me, around the lake tonight…DO YOU WANT TO DIE?!!” That was just a little refresher for those of you who were trying to remember that far back. I thought I saw them three times in concert, but Tac just told me he thinks only twice. So whatever, the point is I got to see them at least twice, once on Tac’s 23rd birthday and if you look on the raggedy poster you can see the words “happy 23rd Tac” written on the brightest circle thing on the poster.

toadiesMy point was going to be that I have seen them live more than any other band, but perhaps not. I have seen Billy Corgan three times, but every time he was in a different band (the last time his band was just as himself). I can only think of two other bands that I have actually seen twice: Sugar Ray and One More Weekend ( a very cool local Vegas band that our friend Nick was in).

Before you puke, Sugar Ray used to be awesome, they opened for the Toadies one night, and to this day we still think of that show as one of the best we have ever seen. They rocked so hard, I don’t know that I have ever seen a band display so much energy and sound so good doing it. When they came through Boise again (thats where we lived), it was for Warped Tour so we went mostly to see them, but it was right after they put out their second album; I think it was called wuss music, and they went downhill fast after that.

All of this makes me think of trying to go crowd surfing, watching my husband in the mosh pit, baggy Levi’ Silvertabs and 501′s, my standard concert shoes: steel toe boots, and having no children to take care of. The Toadies broke up after that, I have no idea what any of them are doing now.

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I just got the Bloc Party album; A Weekend in the City. The first thing I always do when I get a new cd is read all of the lyrics. Maybe its because I was a Lit. major in college, but I love to read and re-read lyrics, and try to figure out what it all means and then find the hidden meaning and the alternate one too. This is what Tac has to look forward to in the car on the way home, he probably just wants to listen to the new music, but I keep turning the volume down to discuss lyrics and read him all of the humorous ones. Then when I have doused myself in the lyrics, I am able to really listen to the music and enjoy it all the more. Its a package deal for me, its all got to be good; music, lyrics, voice….. just like I don’t want any onions in my potato salad, or walnuts in my cookies. Here are some of my favorites: “if I could do it again I’d make more mistakes, I’d not be so scared of falling. If I could do it again I’d climb more trees, I’d pick and I’d eat more wild blackberries, just give me moments, not hours or days”-waiting for the 7.18. “concerned mothers of the west, teach your sons how to truly love”-Kreuzberg. (that line reminds me of something a professor said in one of my feminist classes) I usually pick the romantic stuff i guess, but there is also a prevailing sense over the album as a whole; of being lost and unhappy, “feeling nothing.” “So I just sigh, and I just sulk and I pretend that there’s nothing wrong. The teeth of this world tear me in half and everyday I must ask myself Where? Where is it? Where is home?”-Where is Home? There is a lot of talking as opposed to singing in this album, which I will admit I like them better when they are singing. Over all I would say I like this album, its not as upbeat as the last one, but if they are not feeling it they shouldn’t sing it that way. Besides I love depressing stuff, if Radio Head and The Cure are two of my favorites, then I must enjoy a little dejectedness and gloom.

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Just in case it isn’t clear that I may be a little obsessed with The Smashing Pumpkins, here is one of my bedroom wallsmy room

This is a picture my brother Adam painted for me last yearbily corgan

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