Josh Groban; classical singer with the gorgeous voice and hair (I married Tac mostly for curls just like Josh Groban’s) has The Smashing Pumpkin’s new album Zeitgiest on his ipod. Cooler yet, he likes it, and the latest album from Muse and Bjork.

I hear from friends who have seen him in concert that he is very down to earth, fun and sounds even better live than on CD, and now I find out he likes some of my very favorite artists as well. I think I will have to borrow my cousins Josh Groban albums now.

To see the article where I read this, click here.

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The new video for The Smashing Pumpkins song “That’s the Way (my love is)” just came out.  I have already watched it a couple times, enjoyed it, and thought you all might like to as well.

I’ll be truthful with you, I couldn’t figure out how to add it on my site, but the people over at Hipsters United (A blog about The Smashing Pumpkins) are wise in the ways of such things.   Have fun! (and click on the words “Hipsters United,”  but you knew that I’m sure).

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Now for Seve vs Evan!!! Its two guys from Utah playing keyboard and drums, and they win the award for creative and unusual, super cool, very fun and danceable, all around NEAT music. I put their song “Little Red and Wolfie B” in a top 5 depressing love songs list a while back (see here).

I don’t know how many albums they have, Steam Powered Rocket Ship is the only one available on itunes, and with songs like “Castle Greyskull” (uh huh, as in He-man and Battle Cat) and “Lady Lady” it looks very good. I don’t own it YET, but I will.

I do have some older songs that “appeared” on my ipod, I don’t really know from who. They get played a lot though, i do know that. “Night of the Lonely,” “Angry Unicorn Queen,” and “Mega-bomberman” are a few of them. I think I will have to search the used bins in music stores, or ask my brother who seems to be able to download *anything* for some of their other stuff.   Seriously, listen to Seve vs Evan, you’ll probably love it if you already don’t.

Now I have to join my boys in the back yard for a scavenger hunt they created all by themselves, it should be a good one. Plus I should take the advice given to them only 30 minutes ago: “it’s like the nicest day ever, GO OUTSIDE AND PLAY!!”

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The last week in September it will not suck to be me.   The Pumpkins recently decided to make a stop in Boise on Sep. 26, two days before their Salt Lake City concert.   We already had tickets for the SLC show, and this morning I bought tickets for the Boise show too!   I wouldn’t normally be shelling out the big money like this, but its Billy- what else can a girl (and her hot husband) do?

You know how when Billy Corgan is in a good mood at the end of the show he usually asks if there are any requests from the audience?  Well I plan to be prepared, last time I spent too much time thinking about it and then forgot the names of all my favorite songs.  Have I mentioned that I don’t perform well under pressure – at all.

So far I am debating between Spaceboy, In the Arms of Sleep, and Luna.   I’m sure it will occupy way too much of my mental energy over the next month though.

My question for you:  what song would you pick for The Pumpkins to play if you were lucky enough to be asked?

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Aug 222007

You know how sometimes you love a band so much; you don’t understand why everyone else in the world doesn’t feel exactly the same way about them too? Aqualung falls into that category nicely. Matt Hales is the singer, songwriter, piano playing extraordinaire behind all of it, but he gets a little help from his friends (see here for all the details and a quick listen).

I love this music, I was walking through the music store a couple years back when their second album “Strange and Beautiful” came out. I had never heard of them, but after listening to the first two songs I was pretty sure it was more than lust, it was true love. Matt doesn’t hold anything back, he gives you everything in his voice and lyrics. Plus, he’s metaphor guy, and an English major can’t help but to get all nerdy and enjoy the metaphors.

Here’s a few of my favorites: “I’ll be your respirator, I’ll be your pressure suit, its all right, its all right.” “It’s like thunder when I look in your eyes, and it rolls, it rolls so deep.” “What a feeling in my soul, love burns brighter than sunshine.” (All three of those songs are available on the link above)

Its not just metaphors, in general the lyrics are wonderful. One song; Broken Bones brings me to tears on a regular basis: “down by the water and the tide is rising, this world is burning and I’m terrified. I need a little more time with you, I need a little more time with you.” I always think of my kids growing up in a crazy world, and I think I’m fine every time until Matt starts singing “I need a little more time with you,” and I’m bawling before I even know its coming.

Aqualung has a very sincere, emotional, beautiful sound; without weighing you down. Every one should love them.

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It was the first day of school today. For Xzavier, this was a day many of you perhaps thought he would never live long enough to see; Kindergarten! Our youngest also enjoyed a little time with his mommy today, it was great.first day

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Ever so often I get in the mood for something a little more down to earth, and mellow than what I usually listen to.   When that happens, Alexi Murdoch (see here)  and Iron and Wine (now here)  are often my bands of choice.

Alexi Murdoch has been on my playlist for some time, I have been slowly gaining an appreciation for him as I have listened a little here and there.   He has a much deeper voice than what I am normally drawn to, but I enjoy it none the less.  Some of my favorite songs are “All my Days,” and “Song for You.”  You can’t go wrong with him, whether you are feeling quiet or if your relatives come over and you can’t think of anything else to play that won’t annoy them; this is solid music.

My brother introduced me to Iron and Wine and I really liked it.  The singer’s voice is not as deep as Alexi Murdoch’s, and he has a sort of frothy (yeah,like root beer), soft voice.  I have several of their albums, and I can’t recommend one over the other mostly because I just play “all” and then put it on “shuffle.”

I like the way the guitars sound; like the way my dad plays on his bright blue acoustic guitar.   I’m realizing that the sound I’m trying to describe can be explained with one word: folk

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Aug 112007

In a recent post I ask readers to share with the rest of us what music they were really digging at the moment. One person actually did,(see here) and I wanted to thank him and make sure the rest of you slackers got a chance at listening to an excellent band called Mew. You can listen to them here, or even check out what he has to say about them on his own blog here.

After a day of listening on their myspace page, I was sure that if those four songs were that good, then it was pretty safe to buy an actual album. We bought And the Glass Handed Kites; which is I believe their latest album and both Tac and I have really enjoyed them a lot. They grow on you; the first morning that we bought the album I ended up going swimming with a friend and her kids and I caught myself humming “The Zookeepers Boy” silently in my head (physically impossible, but you know what I mean), and feeling very anxious to get back home so I could listen to Mew some more.

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When Tac and I were just married we met Larry. I had recently watched the movie Clifford with Martin Short, which had a roller coaster named Scary Larry….catchy theme song….hence the nick name was born. Larry was into cool music, played the guitar, and in general was a lot like Mary Poppins; you know “practically perfect in every way.”

A while back I wrote a post on The Toadies and Larry commented on it. See here, if you like. That got the old memory revved up and I have been thinking about Larry and his beautiful wife and daughters (3) ever since. One night in particular Larry wrote me an ode, (mostly it was a plea to roll the windows up) and I thought I would sort of return the favor with a blog post explaining why they were down in the first place.

Tac, Larry, myself and a couple other guys drove from Boise to Portland to see Nine Inch Nails and David Bowie in concert. Our tickets were for chairs, we even got to sit in the front row, but that wasn’t good enough for the boys. They wanted to be on the floor in all the action. As we sat there, several guys tried to jump over the rail onto the floor that was like 10 feet below. Some of them made it, many of them got caught and kicked out of the concert. Mind you Tac and I had only been married for about a year, so when he started seriously suggesting that we jump over that rail I was very irritated. There were certain expectations I had of him as a “husband,” and that was not at all inline with those expectations. Sure Tac and his buddies would have made it, but I am not at all athletically inclined in the ways of fence hopping. I also couldn’t bear to admit that I was terrified of the jump and even more so of being locked outside of that theater for the next two hours in a dark rainy town that I had never been to before.

They didn’t jump, mostly I think because of my expressed wish for them not to (which made me feel like the fun ruining only girl there). I totally enjoyed the concert, but when it was over and we had to drive home my blood was reaching the boiling point. I was mad at Tac; I wasn’t some chick, I was his wife and I didn’t feel like he had treated me very nice that night (irrational or not isn’t the point right now).

When it was my turn to drive that night, and it was a cold night, I rolled my window down and let the freezing cold air blow on us for a long time. I thought it felt wonderful, I thought if I rolled the window up I would most likely suffocate. That’s when Larry wrote the Ode to Jen, something about rolling the window up while he was still able to feel his hands.

Anyways, they all survived the cold and I got over it, and Scary Larry has been a good friend ever since.

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When The Smashing Pumpkins first announced they were coming back I was elated. After a while I started feeling impatient and was craving new Pumpkins more and more. I was so anxious for news on their progress that Tac signed me up for a google alert on everything Billy Corgan and S.P. It was then I started seeing the name Silversun Pickups in all kinds of articles as people compared them to The Pumpkins; saying how amazingly they sounded alike.

Of course I was skeptical, you don’t just go throwing around statements like that. No one can actually sound like Billy Corgan, but still I found myself getting excited. So we listened to them on Pandora, and after about 10 seconds I was irrationally crabby because they didn’t sound like Billy (just been established in previous sentence that is impossible), so I turned them off in total disgust and have firmly held my position of dislike since then. Tac tried to explain it was more of an overall music type of comparison, and I am normally sane enough to not react like this, but my brain was in a weakened condition due to the lack of any new Pumpkins.

Lately it’s been bothering me that I don’t actually remember what this band that I dislike so much sound like. I got onto their myspace page last week to give them a listen and was so sad by what I heard; because what I heard was really good music. Tac was only too happy in helping me right my wrong, he immediately purchased their album from itunes ( I think he had been wanting it for awhile, but he was sweet enough not to mess with the insanity that can be me). We have been listening to them for two days straight now. Even my three year old said he really liked these songs, but had never heard them before.

The point of this wasn’t to share something that might be new to you like it usually is, because I’m like the last person on earth to listen to the Silversun Pickups. Mostly I just want to (a little begrudgingly) say that I totally like the Silversun Pickups.

P.S.  if you LOVE a particular band or artist, comment and share the love!

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