My three year old requested Christmas music in the car the other day, totally unprompted and out of the blue. I didn’t know he even knew what Christmas music was.

I explained to him that mommy didn’t have any of those cd’s in the car, and that Christmas music was not on my ipod, so we couldn’t listen to it at that moment. However, next time we went somewhere I was ready.

Sure enough: “I want to listen to Christmas music.” So I took Zeitgeist out of the cd player and put in my homemade holiday mix which of course features The Smashing Pumpkins “Christmas Time” as the first song. I was so enjoying the skepticism on all three of their faces (watch the road!!) as Billy Corgan started to sing.

Them: “isn’t this Billy Corgan?”
me: “yep” pause
Billy: (singing) “Christmas time is here”
Them: “it is Christmas music, YEAH!!”

Then my three year old asked me (he’s totally my favorite now :) ) “are we having a Billy Christmas?”

I don’t know exactly what that is, but I sure hope so. Anyways, I figure if Hipsters United can declare Thanksgiving Day 2007 as “Gish day” then I can probably have a Billy Christmas.

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Smashing Pumpkins T Shirt
Here I am in my brand new Smashing Pumpkins “concert shirt,” we just got them yesterday. Of course the show was almost two months ago, but when we arrived ready and excited to buy our concert tee’s we were all pretty disappointed at what was available, not to mention they cost $40.00. We decided at that point just make our own.

Our first choice was a fantastic image (second box, third row down) Shannon Palmer, author of “What Noisy Cats Are We” blog, created. (see all of her work here, it is fabulous!) She graciously said yes, we could use her design, and Tac’s brother who manages a print shop took it from there.

Basically my only real contribution to this project was the initial whining, Shannon created the art, and Tac took a lot of time from his hectic schedule to meet with his brother Jeremy who did a really nice job on the printing.
Back of SP T shirt
I will be rocking the Pumpkins all day, which is not much different from other days, only today I’m wearing my new shirt so its even better.

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Brighton England’s spritely inventive (thats a word I just made up derived from the sprites of classic English literature), classy band The Mummers is working on a new song called: “This is Heaven” or TIH which is how it is labeled on their websites player, which oddly enough is where I am hoping you will go right now.

The Mummers are working on their first album, due to come soon in the new year. I have found myself to be completely smitten by them and while I can not go to their shows and support them, I do offer as much mental support and love as I can provide. Not unlike Dwight from “The Office” as he watched Michael try and survive in the wilderness, only The Mummers don’t use a pants tent to practice in, they meet in a tree house.

Listen to “TIH” and fall in love with The Mummers here.

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Nov 122007

Last week I heard from two of my dearest friends. Rita told me that I listen to whiny music and Amie said something to the effect that I am the coolest person in the world. I have the same response for both of them:

I totally agree! I’ll admit I agree more with Rita though. :)

Music that I associate with Rita: Pennywise (volume at full blast), Nirvana, and James Taylor.

Music that I associate with Amie: Tears for Fears, The Posies, The Lost Boys movie soundtrack, and XTC. “over and over we flatten the clover”

By the way, XTC is still making music! visit their site at

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Last night we got our boys fed, bathed and in bed before 6:40 pm. They were super tired, and now that it gets dark so early they were easily convinced it was bedtime. Our daughter is smart, she always knows what time it is, but she was more than happy to go to her room and read with the mutual understanding that she could read Harry Potter # 6 all night if she wanted to.

So we watched the movie Starter for 10a British romantic comedy starring James McAvoy as a guy starting college (Bristol University no less) in the 80′s. I am normally really bad at choosing movies, and since I picked this one, hopes were not soaring terribly high that it would be very good. But James McAvoy was in it, so I figured it couldn’t be that bad either. Since I’m writing about it now, you can safely assume we totally liked it.

Not only did I enjoy the acting, the storyline and the script, but the music was good too. The best part though was how involved the Starter for 10 soundtrack was with the movie. It wasn’t just background noise; mood enhancing or what not, the music had it’s own role to play in this film. It takes time and energy and some kind of musical devotion to make a mixed tape for someone, (there were several given and received in this movie) and that same consideration was given to the musical soundtrack as the movie was written.

Here is the soundtrack, nothing new; just some 80′s greats:

Psychedelic Furs- Love My Way

Black- Wonderful Life

The Buzzcocks- Ever Fallen In Love (with someone you shouldn’t've)…Billy is not the only one to use parenthesis in his song titles

Yaz- Situation

Motorhead- Ace of Spades

Kate Bush- The Man with the Child in His Eyes

Echo and the Bunnymen- Do it Clean

Tears for Fears- The Hurting

The Style Council- Long Hot Summer

The Smiths- Please, Please,Please, Let Me Get What I Want

The Cure- In Between Days, Boys Don’t Cry, Six Different Ways, Pictures of You, Love Song

I would recommend this movie for a fun night with your favorite person, however I would not let my kids watch it, there is a lot of drinking and smooching going on.

You can go to the Starter for Ten website here, if you want to check out the mildly depressing (thats a good thing in case you were wondering) very entertaining, sweet and funny movie for yourself.

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I have had South’s cd “With the Tides” almost 5 days, and I must have listened to it 25 times by now. South has been making music in the UK for 15 years, I wish I would have heard about them years ago!

A few things about them from their website,

  • Rock, dance, electronica, folksy acoustics, orchestral soundscapes, South have always been impossible to pin down.
  • The London-based trio were first signed to James Lavelle’s Mowax label in 1999. After the joyous chaos of their first album, From Here on In, their sound became both both tighter and more lush on their follow-up With the Tides, produced by Dave Eringa (who has worked with the Manics and Ash) and released on Kinetic Records. They have also enjoyed a prestigious sideline scoring soundtracks for the Oscar-nominated film Sexy Beast and US TV dramas The OC and Six Feet Under.
  • South – Joel Cadbury (lead vocals, bass and guitar), Jamie McDonald (lead guitar, vocals and drums) and Brett Shaw (drums and guitars) – are particularly proud that their track Keep Close was used to accompany goal montages in Premiership soccer TV round-up.
  • Over the years they have been compared to artists as disparate as the Stone Roses, Elbow, Radiohead, Oasis, the Verve, Queen, Mercury Rev and the Small Faces. But they wear their myriad influences lightly to create a sound, a melodic melancholy, that is uniquely South.

I found out about South when I was playing on the computer last week. The trail went something like this: read the latest Mummers blog, lamented the fact that their album won’t be available for months, found myself on lastfm and decided to type in The Mummers, read other artists with a similar sound and saw South. Couldn’t listen to them there, but found them on Amazon in 30 second demos.

I was pretty sure I needed them, but its hard to know from a few sound clips. At this point I had not been able to find their website, I never found it until I saw the address on the back of the album. Tac is sweet to me though, and came home with a used copy of “With the Tides” that night.

You don’t have to do all that, there is a great A/V section on their website with tons of songs to listen to.   Happy listening! I think you are really going to enjoy.

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Nov 052007

For the past several years I have had a wonderful television relationship with Jim, Pam, Dwight, Michael, The Temp (Ryan), Andy and Angela from NBC’s “The Office.” Tac and I rarely watch television, we just don’t really have the time. He is always busy with work and school, so I am taking care of everything else ( children for example). We eagerly look forward to our weekly Office fix.

“The Office” comes on at 8:00 which happens to be our kids bedtime…who do you know that actually has their kids all the way tucked in and stopped whining by bedtime? So at first we just let them stay up later on Thurs. and watch it with us. Well, they are smart for one thing and they paid too much attention to the show that their parents were obviously enraptured with. The next thing we knew, they were saying things like “that’s what she said” while they were playing with each other (and most likely at school too).

Solution: download it from itunes for 1.99 and watch it on your laptop * in bed* when your kids are asleep. It was perfect, all week long I looked forward to actually watching something that I enjoyed, without our kids. Then NBC pulled their shows from itunes, basically wrecking our beautiful system. They show it on their own online player, but it constantly freezes up and it turns our wifi off repeatedly, plus they show the worst commercials ever (worse than Toby :) . People all over the country are complaining about this, so I know its not just us.

NBC should have made sure their lame player worked before they messed everything up. I am now 2 or 3 weeks behind in “The Office” which shouldn’t seem like a big deal in actual life, but I’m still really sad about it.

Additionally, since we couldn’t get NBC’s crappy player to work one night we decided to see what was on the other networks and we ended up watching a show called “Cavemen.” I can’t begin to explain why we think this show is so funny, but we have watched it ever since. I happen to be a fan of sarcastic, witty, frozen yogurt eating (sometimes whiny) cavemen. But last night my brother told me that show was going to be cancelled.

So down with NBC and their shoddy player, and everyone else for not seeing “Cavemen” is totally funny. I guess I will just have more time to read and listen to music, because I don’t get to watch tv until NBC figures out how to play nice with others.

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