When i am making my bed and combing my hair in the mornings, I like to find an interesting looking band website and listen while I scurry around trying to get stuff done. Usually this results in me muttering something rude, making gag type noises and finding something by Billy Corgan to to help heal my ears.

This morning however, I was treated with the utmost auditory kindness by a band called Film School. Here’s how they describe themselves on their website:

Film School is a 5 piece band that creates giant soundscapes, emphasizing strong melodies and powerful rhythms. The live show is loud and dynamic and energetic (no staring at shoes). Not merely a wall of sound that hits you on the head, Film School creates a sonic world that engulfs listeners and, when combined with volume, delivers a change in psyche. It’s the combination of reverbed distortion, longing melodies and driving rhythms that makes the album Hideout wholly compelling and a powerful live experience.

I love loud soothing music. For one thing, the kids react very strongly to whatever music is playing. Me too. Film School doesn’t drone on and on, leaving me in a sour, anxious mood, like some bands who emphasize the music as much as they do. You can listen and check for shows near you either here or here. Hope everyone is enjoying the Christmas season!

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My lovely new (soon to be) sister in law asked me this question last week:

“what other bands should I look into if I love Brand New and Death Cab for Cutie and Iron and Wine and country and old stuff like James Taylor and Don McClean”

Well Katie, I finally have an answer for you, (I hope) I think you would really like Patrick Park. He’s got a pretty folksy kind of voice, plays the guitar very nicely and sounds a lot better than most of the bands lately that strive for that kind of sound. Also, some of his songs come dangerously close to sounding like country music; normally not a good thing, but in this case it works alright.

Listed in the friends section of his myspace page is a band named Sea Wolf, who I have been growing progressively fond of and I think you might as well.

Also, I just have to ask, (so why not over the world wide web) have you given the new Radiohead album In Rainbows a good listening to? It is beautiful.

Let me know if you liked any of them, or if you were already listening to them and I am so last year. *Thanks for reading Katie*
p.s. give my brother a wet willy or something for me

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After blogging about Seve vs. Evan a couple months ago, I got a comment from them offering to send me some music. I was excited: A) because I totally like their music and, B) it was the first time I was going to get free music because of my blog. But, after not getting anything in the mail box I sent them a “hey remember me” message. Yes, they did but were waiting to get paid so they could send it.

I waited patiently, but it never came. Also I felt kind of bad wanting a free cd from a band that didn’t have enough money for postage. So last week we just bought their album Steam Powered Rocket Ship, which by the way is definitely worth the money we paid for it. I love it and so do my kids.

In my quest to support good music and encourage bands who actually create something worth listening to, I would like to remind anyone actually reading this that Steam Powered Rocket Ship would make an excellent Christmas present for your friends and family members who have *really good* :) taste in music.

Now, heres what you all get to do: COMMENT to support your favorite lesser known, indie, waiting to be discovered, you get the picture…..band, that you think would make a good Christmas present. And if you read that and thought “yeah, but I never comment on blogs” remember, this IS for a pretty good cause.

PS. Seve Vs Evan, let me know when you come to Boise!

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After Thanksgiving dinner at my parents home, my Mom mentioned she wanted to dispose of the pumpkins she had set around outside for Halloween. She suggested we take the pumpkins up behind the house for the bears to snack on (if you give them other stuff, its less likely they will eat you). My parents live in the forest on a mountain, so they are always feeding the animals: chipmunks, turkeys, deer, birds, and they don’t discriminate against bears.

Now we are not a bunch of gun toting back-woodsy types, but when we go to my parents house my brothers and father can usually think of a reason to practice shooting, and I tend to like tagging along. I DON’T shoot animals, ever….just wanted to make that clear. So we carried the pumpkins up the mountain a ways, and proceeded to shoot them. It was great fun.

It also happened to be the day that we gave everyone who went to see the real Smashing Pumpkins in concert with us, their shirts. So we smashed (shot, whatever) pumpkins in our smashing pumpkins shirts, tee hee its totally blogworthy.

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