The Smashing Pumpkins European tour began yesterday in the Czech Republic. What?!!! You feel dizzy too? :)

They opened the vault again and let out some wonderful songs, my favorites being Lily, My Blue Heaven, Behold! The Nightmare, and Porcelina.

Heres the unofficial, slightly incomplete, and excruciatingly mouthwatering setlist:

Porcelina- can you imagine being in the room when those
are the first notes to play? sigh…as far as you take me
Behold! TheNightmare
Bring the Light
Tonight, Tonight
Try, Try, Try
Come On, (lets go)
Perfect (acoustic)- he forgot the words to this one, it was pretty cute
Stand Inside Your Love
Ava Adore
Bullet with Butterfly Wings
1979 (acoustic)
Thats the way (my love is)(acoustic)
Everlasting Gaze
Cash Car Star- Never been a huge fan of this one
Stop! Hey whats that Sound
Day Dream
United States
I don’t Mind
Cherub Rock

Hopefully this is a taste of whats to come for the U.S. later in the year. I’m ready now. As I mentioned earlier they have some new clothes. Billy looked fantastic in white for 2007, but it looks like he is back to his staple color of black (that was not a complaint in any way, I love black). It looks like he is even wearing a skirt again, the man is looking good as always.

Ginger looks like she is ready to fight crime, with the help of her super powered hairspray. She looks awesome. I didn’t get a good look at the others to really see what they were wearing yet. Wet your throat with this footage, as I’m sure there will be plenty more soon.

…”oh Lily, I know you love me, cause as they’re draggin me away, I swear I saw her raise her hand and wave goodbye.”

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My two boys both love Dashboard Confessional. Their uncle Adam gave them the cd “A Mark, A Mission, A Brand, A Scar” and it immidiately became a huge hit with the oldest. He liked to listen to it on his little walkman and speakers in his room. Now our 3 year old sings along as well, and even gets it playing up in their room all by himself. The speakers are not great at all, but that doesn’t stop them from turning it up full blast.

I put the cd on my ipod, along with lots of other Dashboard tunes a few weeks ago because they were constantly asking for it and I wanted them to listen to it on the good speakers so I didn’t have to cringe when they blasted it from their room. So I have been listening to a lot of Dashboard Confessional lately, and I am finding myself liking it more and more. My favorite is “Hands Down” from the above mentioned album, probably because its the one that my boys sing along to the best.

I’m not exactly sure how or where from, but I always got the negative impression that they were too whiny or emo or something. Well, I’m pretty into whiny music so I don’t know why I am so surprised now that I really like this band. Plus, I have been checking out tons of band sites lately when I read about them in music blogs, or however it is that we hear about bands, and I have been cruelly disappointed by all of them; so Dashboard is at least way better than any of them.

Me and the boys, listening to Dashboard, having a good time together. The major bonus is that its SO MUCH better than the Spirit soundtrack (used to be one of their most requested albums).

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“Little Red and Wolfie B” by Seve Vs. Evan

This song is a favorite of ours. This morning Tac was trying to figure out what some of the lyrics were, so I found them:

I’ll strike a match, and watch the woods burn down where she obviously hides.
In her little red cloak and basket complete with goodies inside.
On my way to grandmother’s house she stopped to ask me my name.
So I ate her grandma and put on her clothes just to see her again.

Why are your ears so large? Your teeth are razor sharp. I see it in your eyes. Your going to eat me alive.

Theres more to be explained, what I cant get out of my head you really had no regrets.
Its more then up to me, Never have to say a thing your face is just too damn pretty for me to concentrate.
Why, why, why am I in love with the girl I ate? Why, why, why am I a wolf?

In the forest I hid, and I cried, and I cried cause I ate Little Red.
I still remember the rose in her cheeks and the kiss that her lips wouldnt give.
I hear the villagers coming theyre cursing my name, and theyre searching the clouds.
Well I can wiggle and groove. I really know how to move Ill just dance my way out.

Why are your ears so large? Your teeth are razor sharp. I see it in your eyes. Your going to eat me alive.
Theres more to be explained, what I cant get out of my head you really had no regrets. Its more then up to me, Never have to say a thing your face is just too damn pretty for me to concentrate.
Why, why, why am I in love with the girl I ate? Why, why, why am I a wolf?

Run from the farmers armed with pitch forks and knives! Its a crime, a crime!
Run from the farmers armed with pitch forks and knives! Its a crime, a crime!

Run from the farmers armed with pitch forks and knives! Its a crime, a crime! Run from the farmers armed with pitch forks and knives! Its a crime, a crime!

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When last you saw my brother Tyler and his wife Katie they were not even engaged and having a splendid time at The Smashing Pumpkins concert in Utah. Earlier this month they were married, and while I have not seen them since :) I know they are very happy.
Tyler and Katie
They had a beautiful wedding, and I even got to contribute some of the music for the reception. Katie is wonderful, actually I should say Katie you are wonderful (she is a loyal reader of this blog), and I am so happy that my brother married you.

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Hi, I’m Emma, Jen’s daughter. For a school assignment I have to do something I’ve never done, I’ve never written in a blog before.

since my mom is always blogging about her favorite songs I wanted to do it too. My absolute favorite songs are:

1. Jungle book, Bear Necessities
2. Marry Poppins, Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious
3. Mary Poppins, Chim Chim a nee
4. Charlie Brown theme song on the piano
5. Nacho Libre, Move Move Move
6. Jack Johnson Curious Geoge soundtrack, Upside Down
7. Spirit soundtrack Bryan Adams, Get off my back
8. The Smashing Pumpkins, Doomsday Clock from Transformers movie
9. Aristocats soundtrack, Everybody wants to be a cat
10. Hellogoodbye, Touchdown Turnaround
11. Postal Service, Sleeping In
12. Muse, Starlight
13. Muse, Knights of Cydonia

I hope you enjoyed this blog, I listen to music everyday especially at night while I’m reading in bed and to help me get to sleep. Oh and by the way Mrs. Duerksen please leave me a comment.

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Today I listened to The Ex-Boyfriends, Film School, Mew, Umbrellas and Silly Songs with Larry from Veggie Tales (very entertaining cartoons based on Bible stories). Yes Silly Songs with Larry is totally on my ipod, my kids love it.

What’s your favorite Silly Song? Mine is “His Cheeseburger” sung by Mr Lunt; that is one rockin gourd. Following closely behind in second place is
The Yodeling Veterinarian of the Alps.”

Here’s some great You Tube fun: A delightful clip from tv show “The Office” (love that show) to the song “His Cheeseburger.” It’s really quite an insightful interpretation.

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Occasionally on this blog you find two posts in a row about Billy Corgan or The Smashing Pumpkins; this is one of those times. I have been teased a time or two about just calling it the Billy Blog, but realistically I could never compete with the hilarious people at Hipsters United, so why try?

Like many of you on the night of Jan. 1st we bought The Smashing Pumpkins EP “American Gothic” on itunes. I was not euphorically dancing around the room like I assumed I would be after the first listening. In fact I was so tired I just went to bed without too much comment at all (normally Tac would have had to take part in a complete dissection type play by play of every song before he could lay there and try to sleep). “It’s OK” is about all I said, I had been expecting something else.

After listening to it many more times since then, I am ready to tell you all that I really like it, except Pox; I finally removed it from my ipod because I had no desire to listen to it EVER really.

Here’s why I decided to love American Gothic after all:
Billy’s voice is the main attraction in these songs, it is not drowned out with a lot of other noise and it is exceptionally beautiful.
I am a fan of the “la da da’s” in the beginning of Rose March, and the voice layering is really growing on me.
“Again, again, again” sounds very Zwanish in it’s twang, but its a sweet song and I am a big sucker. Plus I like to picture Billy playing his acoustic guitar and singing his heart out.
My favorite song is “Sunkissed.” The melody has been playing in my head for a couple days now, it gives me that soothing “ahhh, Billy is singing……what your brother just hit you? I’m very sorry but I’m sure your fine…….mmmhmmmm feeling.”

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Billy Corgan

I mentioned in the last post that my husband Tac, gave me a wonderful Christmas present. I love art (very picky though), I love Billy Corgan’s music; therefore I could not help but feel smitten when I saw a beautiful, thoughtful piece of art with Billy on the guitar.

Shannon Palmer is the artist, she and Tac have both received an ear full of me fawning on and on about it. Without me knowing, Tac contacted Shannon and he had to have been pretty excited with the knowledge that he was giving me the best Christmas present ever.

She also sent her pencil sketch and water color “rough drafts” to display with the finished product. That is infinitely cooler than something that was already perfect to begin with. I am still frame shopping, but have not found the right sizes yet. I also might enlist the help of my brother Adam– hey Adam want to help me?– he is very creative.

I love the colors and layers in this picture. Billy’s face is sweet and sincere; just like how I hear his voice. It contrasts so nicely with the big black electric guitar that we all know he can wail on so well. That, along with a voice that no one can touch, is what makes Billy Corgan so unique and special. He has the ability to soothe with a lullaby of a love song, rich with emotion and depth, while rocking your socks off. He encompasses mild to screaming with rage, flawlessly. Shannon knows all of this too, it was a labor of love for her.

I see all of that every time I look at this picture, so I’m a little excited to get it on my wall.

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I looked at this site last night and realized how long it has been since last I blogged. So let me tell you what I have been doing. Christmas was very nice, I ate tons of good food and got an amazing present from Tac which I will devote a whole post to another day….it has to do with that tall, pale guy who sings to my soul.

Our kids had snowboarding lessons the four days after Christmas, and during the drive time up to the mountain I started a book. I have been hearing about the The Twilight Books for a while now, and as most of you know I got my degree in English Literature and I am somewhat of a lit snob. Therefore high school/vampire romances did not sound like my regular kind of thing. Old dead British people are my ONLY kind of thing actually, OK and now Vampires, specifically Edward Cullen (sigh).

There are three books so far, I read them all in about 5 days. Tac referred to me as the “little addict” and I was so immersed in the books that even when I wasn’t reading I was basically high on them anyway. An accurate description of our home situation can be found here at Thanks Lisa, for pointing me there.

I am not going to gush about the plot line (although I could), I am going to tell you how cool the author Stephenie Meyer is because she includes a playlist that she listened to while writing each book, and its like her own personal movie soundtrack. Music was a huge part of her writing process. Her most frequently mentioned band? The rock gods Muse. That is actually why I decided to read the books.

Other favorites of mine mentioned on the playlists are Coldplay, Radiohead, Placebo, and since I am admitting to reading about vampires and teen romance I will admit that I like the All American Rejects who also appear on the list.

I wanted to make this post brief, it was that or gush and drool all over the place, so take a few minutes and check out the links! I look forward to your comments.

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