Ever so way back in “the late 90′s” Tac and I lived in Phoenix, AZ. The Smashing Pumpkins were doing a free acoustic show, and since we had a baby (just one; how easy that seems now), it was decided that Tac would wait in line all day and save me a place. Tac did stand in line all day, and he made a friend- Dan.

Later that afternoon when our friend Damien and I arrived to get in line, we were met by security and informed that the line was full and we had to go home. I was angry, disappointed, and in general really incredibly pissy. Damien was scared I think on the ride home. That would have been my first time actually seeing Billy Corgan live, even though I felt like I had been wanting to FOREVER.

Tac and Dan had a good time, and bonded in a way that only guys can when they stand in line all day and then end up being told there is no room for them after all and then jumping over some kind of barrier and getting in just the same. At that point Tac was glad I wasn’t there, I’m not a jumper; him wanting to jump and me not wanting to jump at a NIN concert when we were dating caused a very angry situation one time.

Not only is Dan good at sneaking into cool concerts, but he is a very talented musician as well. We have not seen him or his wife Joy for years, but the other day Tac showed me the shop cumshots hardcore porn milfs big tits sex calling cards Big tits booty ass myspace page for his band “Life In Stereo.” It was nice to see Dan and even better to hear him. Life In Stereo sounds great, I am really excited for our friend! Visit their myspace and say hello.

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I love all things Aqualung.   I have certain expectations that Matt Hales (singer/ songwriter/ piano player ect. of Aqualung) meets, beats, exceeds every time I hear something by him.

I have some of his b sides and singles, but Aqualung consistently puts out such good music that even when you are only missing a few songs, those songs might be some of your favorites just waiting to be listened to.  

So a few weeks ago I downloaded their itunes exclusive #2 EP and found three little treasures:

"When I Finally get my Own Place"

"There’s A Place"

"Take Me Home"

My favorite of the three is "There’s A Place" which is done in a very uncharacteristic Beach Boys style.  Not surprising though, since The Beach Boys are mentioned as one of their influences, along with Howard Jones.

Matt’s voice is magically transposed from his lovely rich (and lathery? :) ) whispery British voice to that of an American Beach Boy.  My daughter is as taken with the song as I am.  It even inspired a love of the Beach Boys in her.  I happened to have some in our itunes library, so I made her a cd and she has been listening to them a lot.  

So, "There’s a Place" is different than what you would first expect, but it is wonderful.  You should really take the time to sample it on itunes, you will most likely fall in love.  Also, since I couldn’t find a video of "There’s a Place," on youtube like I was hoping to, I’m inserting another one for your viewing pleasure…enjoy!

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Ever since Mae’s latest album Singularity was released I have been wanting to buy it, yet never quite did. Until today. Finally.I have been on some kind of back lashing streak against what I think of as the folk revolution that is taking over music. Seriously, whenever I listen to a band that sounds interesting I hear some variation or another of folk; I even heard some “folktronica” one day…nope didn’t like it.

Not that I dislike the genre of folk, because I don’t. I appreciate it and think most of the musicians are very talented, it just doesn’t quite do “it” for me. The music is mello, but I find myself getting ancy and frustrated when I listen to it.

Plus, I’m already half asleep at any given moment. I don’t need any more incentives to fall asleep while I’m reading to my kids, or getting slaughtered in Connect 4.

Like most bands, I am most drawn to Mae because of the singer’s voice. In this case his voice is so clean and solid sounding and streams easily into my head. It is a very refreshing and soothing tone. The lyrics are usually simple, sweet and romantic. The guitars, drums and keyboard are fantastic too, nothing folksy about those. Definitely of the modern rock influence.

Says singer/songwriter of the band Dave Elkins: “We’ve always loved bands like Pearl Jam, U2 and the Smashing Pumpkins and on this record we wanted to tap into that,” Marshall says. “We weren’t trying to recreate a ’90s record, per se, but we definitely wanted it to have that same energy.” Elkins says in closing. “We’re just a rock band, and we’re happy to be given the chance to get our music out there to all of these different people.

They like The Pumpkins and they even have a song called “Rocket” on this album, (not a cover), but they did put some fairly “heavy” drums and guitars in this song. It will most likely go in my “amore” playlist.

Some of my other favorite tracks so far are “Just Let Go,” “Sometimes I Can’t Make it Alone,” “Brink of Disaster,” “Release Me,” and “Last Transmission.” You can hear some of these songs on their myspace page and see concert info too- they are playing with The Honorary Title, another favorite of ours.

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Feb 052008

Yesterday I was trying to get the house cleaned up, the kids had friends over and they were being really loud, and I was starting to feel very frazzled.

Then…Cherry by The Smashing Pumpkins started playing on our stereo and it was like magic. I just tuned out everything around me and floated away to Billy’s voice and the oh so poignant guitar notes.

Ahhhh. All better. For a quick defraz of your own, listen here.

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