Last night Tac and I watched the movie In the Land of Women, starring:
Adam Brody, who has a wonderfully unique voice and really great hair, and I am into hair or the lack of hair.
Kristen Stewart, who will be playing Bella in the movie Twilight later this year, and
Meg Ryan.

I enjoyed watching this movie so much, even Tac liked it. It had a very laid back plot, matching Adam Brody’s temperament (in the movie anyway, since I don’t know him personally) exactly. Brody plays a broken hearted guy who goes to live with his dieing grandmother and gets strangely immersed into the lives of 3 women. It was pretty funny, and entirely entertaining.

The worst part was when Brody went for a run and the music he was supposedly listening to was so not the music that his character would have chosen, it was lame. I was feeling rather unenthused with the somewhat generic soundtrack until OK GO‘s “A Good Idea at the Time” started playing at a party. That song is from their album “Oh No,” which I have been listening to quite a bit lately. Some of my favorite songs on that album are “Oh Lately its so Quiet,” “Let it Rain” and “A Million Ways.”

Also, INXS made an appearance with “Beautiful Girl” so that was very cool, and I also liked Rogue Wave and Two Hours Traffic. You can hear most of those songs here, and check out Two Hours Traffic here.

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If you are like many people over the age of 30, there are things you all have in common right now: 

1 – You remember the 80′s very vividly

2 – You’re wondering who authorized the return of all the fashion faux pas we committed and are trying so hard to forget. (walked through a Urban Outfitters lately?)

Some of you may or may not be familiar with Davey Havok.  Davey can probably be credited with almost single handedly popularizing the androgynous emo look that most teenagers are sporting these days. But don’t let that deter you from giving him a chance.  He’s actually incredibly talented.

Blaqk Audio: The Side Project

Blaqk Audio is actually the side project of AFI front man, Davey Havok and AFI keyboardest, Jade Puget.  When I heard the first single from Blaqk Audio’s Cexcells I thought it was yet another wanna-be 80′s, retro, post emo band that seem to be popping up (don’t get me wrong I actually like most of the ones I’ve heard). But I wasn’t sure if I liked them enough to buy the album.

Having been a fan of the previous AFI albums Answer That and Stay Fashionable and Sing the Sorrow I decided I should give them another chance.  I’m very glad I did.

While the album cover and name may leave some of you wondering if this is safe to listen to around the kids, I’ll tell you that it’s just as safe as Depeche Mode or Erasure (take that for whatever it’s worth).

After listening to the album I was blown away with how spot on, the 80′s euro discotheque sound was.  This wasn’t just some emo band trying to sound like Depeche Mode this was possibly the best 80′s synth driven Electropop album I’ve ever heard (and he does it all without a fake English accent).

1 – Despite looking like a teenage girl Davey Havok is actually 32.  So he lived the 80′s like the rest of us Gen Xers.

2- Dave Bascombe, who was Depeche Mode’s producer, produced Cexcells.

My favorite (uber poppy get up and dance) songs are:

Snuff On Digital

Again, Again And Again

Semiotic Love

On A Friday

(Seriously, for those of you in Idaho or Utah, you will think you’re back at an SND)

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Today is the first day of Spring Break for my kids. It was also the last day I had to do my much needed grocery shopping before the Easter festivities begin. Yikes! Grocery shopping with all 3 kids right before a holiday…not a good way to begin Spring Break; for either of us.

So, I woke up at 5:00 and did my pilates like normal, threw some sweats and a hat on and was at the grocery store by 6:15, ALL BY MYSELF. Tac stayed home with the kids, but I had to get back home quick so he could go to work.

The actual point to my story: I took my ipod and some headphones and had a major dose of musical euphoria. When I walked in those sliding doors with the Silversun Pickups “Little Lovers So Polite” blasting in my ears, I heard all kinds of wonderful details and experienced uninterrupted sound clarity that I am not accustomed to. Next, “Pressure Suit” by Aqualung, followed with “Here Is No Why,” “Galapogos,” “Cupid De Locke,” and “Destination Unknown” by The Smashing Pumpkins. I was listening to my Amore mix, you know my make out music. There are lots of other artists in this song mix, but there are some especially nice streaks of 4 or 5 Corgan songs in a row; the ratios are in his favor.

On a side note, about 3 weeks ago Tac told me he wanted to guest blog about a band he has been loving on lately (in the Amore mix also), so hopefully the next time you read this blog, it will be his post you read :) *hint to Tac, hurry up*

My question to you: what songs (Billy or no) do you like to “make out” (this is a PG rated blog) to?

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Today is Billy Corgan’s birthday, and even though the day is almost over I still wanted to officially wish him a happy day. I have been celebrating since this morning by listening to his music ALL DAY.

And since we are talking about getting older here, I believe Billy is 41 now; I was thinking today as I volunteered in my sons kindergarten class, dashed to the grocery store, cooked a meal for a family who just had a major tragedy and attended my daughters school choir concert that I am getting kind of old too. Or at least I’m getting busier, a little too busy to properly celebrate my ultimate favorite rock stars birthday anyways.

He’s still playing though, and the night isn’t quite over. Best wishes to all of you, and Happy Birthday Billy!!

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The other day when I bought Imogen Heap, I got button happy and also purchased the latest album from The Honoray Title: "Scream and Light Up the Sky."

We already have their album "Anything Else but the Truth," and like it a lot.  So it was no big surprise that this newer one is also really good.

Voice, voice voice….what a lovely raw voice

Listen here and be woo’ed  by a band that becomes more of a favorite every time I listen to them.

For an acoustic bonus

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What a great day to be a music lover. Yesterday I finally bought Imogen Heap‘s album “Speak For Yourself” after losing it many months ago. Imogen’s music is usually akin to a happy potion for me. She is also interestingly one of the only three female voices, along with Bjork and The Mummers (and technically “Christine” from Phantom of the Opera) that I am passionate about. I don’t know why, but I usually prefer a male voice.

Her music may be very electronic, but she infuses so much human emotion into it. I imagine she spent hours pouring over tiny musical details and sounds before it was ready for our lucky ears. Her videos are also wonderful to see, watch “hide and seek” here. She is a very artistic individual.

AND… although I have known they were working on it, Mew announced they will be recording “their new and shamelessly wonderful” album in May. They had this to say:

“We have personally danced to every song just to make sure. And we
have sung every chorus. And it feels pretty D good.”

Yippeee. And with that, I leave the glamorous world of blogging behind for the day so I can start my day of baking, multiple dentist appointments, excessive dog hair removal, and 3 yr. old management (although who is managing who is a very valid question).

*I want to thank our friend Scary Larry one more time for bringing Mew into our lives,shop cumshots hardcore porn milfs big tits sex calling cards Big tits booty ass check him out on my blogroll: Royalkeister United.

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