Apr 232008

When I listen to my ipod I usually pick an artist and play all their music. If I only have a few tracks by certain artists they don’t get played very much, because that would require me walking back over and pushing a couple buttons 20 minutes later (I’m sounding super lazy even to myself right now).

When I complained about this like 6 months ago, Tac suggested that I make a playlist with all those songs so I could listen to them more often…and still not have to exert myself with all the button pushing. Finally I made the playlist and called it Smidgens because that is basically what it is.

The three main artists (those featuring more than one song) are The Mummers, My Chemical Romance and Keane. My Chemical Romance is there because although I really like them, I don’t play many of their songs because they use language that we are not aloud to use in my house. So instead of having to run and skip every other song, I just put the ones we listen to on the list.

The Mummers don’t have very many songs out *yet* and I only really love a few Keane songs, and….. before you know it you have an eclectic new playlist. Enjoy the videos below featuring the three artists I just mentioned.

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Apr 162008

I know these guys aren’t really indie anymore, but I arrived a little late to this party. I have been listening to their album “Oh No” a lot lately, they remind me so much of stuff I used to listen to on KROQ when I lived in So. Cal. during the 80′s and early 90′s.

I actually thought they might be a cover band, but Tac said no. We both grabbed our laptops and started researching, and of course he was right (he’s fairly reliable in that capacity:) ). I knew I had lost when he asked the question: “what do I get if I’m right,” to which you know I answered “absolutely nothing.”

So I’m including the link to their page in case anyone reading this is even later than me, and I guess the video at the top of this post is fairly popular too, but it is so very cool I couldn’t help myself. I can’t wait to show it to my kids.

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The other morning my 3 yr. old son was eating his cheerios with peanut butter (cause thats what he eats every morning), when I heard him singing something. I sat down next to him to hear better and I heard his angelic little voice singing “despite all my rage, I am still just a rat in a cage,” over and over again.

I am still deciding whether it was more cute or disturbing.

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For two years a band called The Invasion has been practicing and working on their new album that is set to come out later this month. I know, that happens all the time, but this time its happening in Boise ID., so I’m a little jazzed about it.

Best part about it: I have been listening to them on their myspace page and they have a great sound, super original.
“Drawing from classical, folk, and jazz influences, The Invasion plays a well rounded and unique brand of indie rock.” (I got that from their myspace)

Worst part about it: I just found out about them like 4 days ago, so I have not had the pleasure of knowing there was a local band I liked.

I don’t know a whole lot about them other than that they are nice; I emailed them and I got a nice email back. They have been compared to Muse, which is a stretch but I think I get it, also to Rufus Wainright and Jeff Buckley, but I don’t know who they are. Personally they reminded me a bit of Brian Scary and the Shredding Tears. But comparisons are hard, and sometimes better left unsaid, for instance if you don’t like Mr. Bryan Scary you may still enjoy The Invasion.

If you are local they have a cd release party this month, if you are not local then just listen to them and if you like what you hear, you have another great opportunity to support another indie band.

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