Yes, we bought Coldplay’s newest album “Viva la Vida” on the day it came out. We are not rabid fans or anything like that, but I freely admit that I like everything they have done. This album is pretty great, even Tac likes it.

When you have a music blog, part of you wants to be too cool for bands that millions of people love. I was tempted to omit mentioning on this blog that I bought that particular album, because for some reason humans who have enough food to eat and shelter with running water, have the mental energy and feel compelled to come up with weird social laws telling us what is cool and hip. And liking a band as popular and mellow as Coldplay puts a person as far away from the fringe as is possible while still keeping their listening pallet’s integrity intact.

So there you have it, I’m not holding anything back from you.. no shameful secrets here. Ha ha, as if listening to Coldplay was in any way uncool, it’s just sometimes hard to admit to liking a band that people who listen to rap or Gwen Stephani also like. I am so glad when talented bands that I love make it big; THEY SHOULD, they are way more talented than most of the music enjoyed by radio listening mass population.

“Viva la Vida” is full of beautiful piano, and a plethera (see Hefe for the definition if you don’t already know) of other gorgeous instruments. The lyrics are engaging and totally worth listening to and I love his voice. This album fits nicely with the other albums as the band progresses and learns new things along the way.

Popularity: 12% [?]


It’s not like Death Cab For Cutie are anything remotely close to indie now-a-days, but they are still awesome. We have had their latest album “Narrow Stairs” for a week or so, and I have really been enjoying the slightly different from any of their others, album.

I have not had the luxury of tons of extra time to be reading what everyone else has to say about this album (like usual), only one of the blogs that I subscribe to even mentioned it. While he liked the album, he said fans might feel “slighted by this release.” Yikes I thought, as I read that before I had the album.

I don’t feel slighted after listening to it though, even though I agree heartily that “Transatlanticism” is a perfect album in every polished aspect. My one complaint about this “rock” album is that the first two tracks in particular are way heavy on the instrumentals and too light on the vocals.

Its kind of like taquitos and guacamole; they are both delicious on their own, but when you eat them together the combination is (dare I say? ) magic :) Same with the vocals and guitars in Death Cab; the long instrumental parts are good, I just know it would be better if I could hear Ben Gibbard’s voice singing along.

I really like the rock twist they gave this album though, in particular I have enjoyed the Don McLeanish sound of track 6, “You Can Do Better Than Me.” And while I complained a little about tracks 1 and 2 above, they are my favorite tracks anyway. Gibbard’s voice just sneaks out and starts “Bixby Canyon Bridge” in such a touching way, then the drums and guitar kick in and kapow! your listening to Death Cab rockin out.

Track 2, “I Will Possess Your Heart” really hooked me with it’s lyrics. “you gotta spend some time love, you’ve gotta spend some time with me, and know that you’ll find love, I will possess your heart.” My boys have both asked me what the word possess means, because of this song. It really demands to be heard.

Well, I’m not doing a song by song review; cause everyone is just going to have their own opinion anyway. But if you have an opinion on “Narrow Stairs” let us hear it.

Popularity: 13% [?]

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