I am having a dirty, hot, sweaty love affair. With my new mountain bike. Earlier in the month Tac and I took the kids to Tamarack for a little biking vacation. It was so fun. Yesterday for Tac’s birthday he and I went up to Tamarack *without the kids* and had such a fantastic time biking, anyways I did…he broke his rib.

He hoped after a nights sleep he would be up for more biking today, but he was in much pain. Happily for me he is a very sweet guy and read a book most of the day while I biked. Also happy for me, we invited my sister and her husband Rich (whenever I say Rich’s full name I always think of Hyacinth from the BBC show “Keeping Up Appearances”) to join us today so I had someone to bike with.

As we were driving up to Tamarack we listened to My Chemical Romance almost the whole way. I’ve already received an online lecture from a complete stranger about how dumb and immature I am for listening to that “teenager” music, so spare me another one if you were thinking of trying to help me better myself. There are some days when I am really in the mood for some MCR, plus they have a theatric flare to their music that I dig.

On the way home, we listened to everything by The Smashing Pumpkins on shuffle. It confirmed to me that as hard as I was trying not to get too excited about their new song coming out in September, I am in fact fairly excited. Also, when the song “Bring the Light” came on I realized that was the perfect soundtrack song for my day; the best part being taking the lift and riding the downhill trails. They were amazing and fast and technical and without being all tired from a long uphill, I had so much energy to devote to the downhill. The fact that it was the best biking day of my life, made me double sad for Tac though (especially since it was his birthday). I hope he gets better soon.

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Our family went to McCall, ID last week and we got to go biking at Tamarack every day. It was incredibly beautiful, the trails were so nice, and our kids totally impressed us with their hard work and tenacity…in other words there wasn’t too much whining and the words “I quit” were only said once. I am so proud of them, they worked hard and wrecked hard (mostly Xzavier), and we all had a great time.

Here I am riding through a gorgeous meadow, and I know it’s hard to tell from here, but I have a really cool bike (I don’t think I have gushed about my new bike on this site yet…I love it)

This is of the kids in the car after one of their best rides, they were so sweaty and in such high spirits. Much “woo hooing” was done that day.

Tamarack has a stunt park area with all these neat (scary) raised wooden tracks that tilt all crazy, including a huge teeter totter. This is Tac riding part of it.

Xzavier before we entered one of the trails.

I took this while Tac was pulling Seth on the tag a’long bike and Emma and Xzav rode through the meadow.

Here’s Xzavier on a different part of the stunt park. He was almost fearless in here.

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First, Tac BBQ-ed some fantastic bugers, then as I was baking cookies and slicing up watermelon for dessert we all gathered round the kitchen table where my laptop sat playing the DVD “HAARP” which is Muse live in concert at Wembley Stadium in London last year.

It was our first time watching it, ( I ordered it right before we left for vacation last week, which I will write about tomorrow because it was very fun) so spirits were high. Seth, our 4 year old, called out at least 4 times that it was “awesome.” He was almost as excited watching Muse live, as he was during the fight scene in Kung Fu Panda, where he was bouncing up and down in front of his seat wildly.

“HAARP” is incredibly captivating, lovely and rocks you like a hurricane. It is so much fun to watch Muse play, I especially enjoyed the piano parts….oooh and everything else. I still dream of seeing them live in person, but this serves nicely to placate me in the mean time.

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