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I think I still feel like a 6 yr. old when the UPS truck pulls up in front of the house, especially when I know that I ordered the new AquaLung album just days before that. I hadn’t even seen the song list when i ordered it, I was in a hurry and knew that I would love it no matter what. So what a surprise when I started playing it and the first song was “7 keys” which could possibly be my favorite song by Matt Hales.

I knew that some of the songs were new and different versions of previous songs, and that was especially wonderful because the songs he picked are from singles that I have, and love so very much. They include “Can’t Get You out of My Mind,” “7 keys,” “Nothing Else Matters,” “When I Finally Get My Own Place.”

Two of the new songs have really captured me. “Arrivals” is the final song on the album and it begins with beautiful and delicate sounds that I would guess were bagpipes, but that’s an uneducated guess. It continues with the piano and Matt’s voice which is AS ALWAYS lovely and full of emotion.

“Good Goodnight” starts with touching and simple words, made all the sweeter because of the piano and voice that accompanies them. I added this song to my “Twilight” play list on my ipod, I have not even been obsessing over those books lately but this song in my opinion could be the ultimate twilight song because of the lyrics and emotion. It doesn’t have anything to do with vampires or high school though, so don’t worry if you don’t like Twilight, you can still love this song.

A big first for me was also on this album, I actually don’t like one of the songs. I just can’t like “Mr. Universe” (sorry Matt), and that is the first song by him that I don’t pretty much love.

The genre section on my itunes labeled this album as “unclassifiable” which I found rather fitting. I know that I couldn’t classify it. My four year old yelled to the front of the car that he didn’t want to listen to that anymore, he wanted a band. To him a band includes your normal guitars and drums. So he would not put it in the band genre I guess.

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