Cover of "American Gothic"
Cover of American Gothic

The Smashing Pumpkins have been doing concerts for (mostly) happy people all over the country this month, but so far from what live performances I have heard, this one from the Bridge School Benefit on 10-26-08 has been my favorite. Especially because there are some songs that I had not heard before; namely “99 Floors,” and “Owata.”

I realize that my admitting to not having heard them yet possibly exposes me for the incredibly busy mom fan that I am, as I am not the intense reading everything I can and listening carefully to every show put in the live music archive fan that I wish I could be sometimes.

I’m not complaining though, I love every second with the kids. However, I have not had new Pumpkins in the playlist since American Gothic, so downloading the Bridge School Benefit was pretty wonderful to me. I thought for sure a couple of my favorite readers would like it as well. The song list isnt in the player box, so just listen and/or skip through as you like.

1. 99 Floors
2. Owata
3. Sunkissed
4. The Rose March
5. A Song For A Son
6. Disarm (with Josh Groban)

Also, and I should do separate posts for each of these but if I waited to do that it might not happen…., there is some more new music to speak of.

Tac got I Empire by Angels and Airwaves a couple weeks ago, and we have been quite enjoying it.

Neater even, we finally bought Impeccable Blahs by Say Hi. If you follow the link, the song “These Fangs” is the one from this album on the player. We have spent whole days listening to just this album.

I saw that Shiny Toy Guns came out with a new album, but havn’t given it any time yet to see if I want it. Have any of you listened to it yet? What do you think?

And lastly, sorry to Larry about the Bloc Party review :) , I like them so much too, except that album. Although I would like to admit one or two more songs have since grown on me, so I guess I really like at least half the album now. But the other half, still not doing anything good for me.

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