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This is kind of a short post, mostly I just wanted to see what you think about it.  James Iha formerly of  The Smashing Pumpkins is finally in another band: Tinted Windows.   I just listened to their new song, Kind of a Girl, here.

Over all I would say they are musically talented for sure, but the lyrics? (to this song anyway)  Not so much.  It was too bubble gum for me, but that is what they were going for I guess, so they did a good job.  I was hoping that it would be better, so James could feel cool too.  He’s kind of like the ex-girlfriend that wants to look super hot and be all that, next time she sees her ex-boyfriend (Billy Corgan) at a party.

Prediction: Kind of A Girl, will surely end up on the soundtrack of a Disney-type tween movie.

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Feb 192009

About 5 years ago our friend Nick recommended the band Sparta to me. I bought their album Wiretap Scars; listened to it, liked it, but never took it beyond that. I always really liked the album, but didn’t play it all that regularly.

I absolutely love to play my ipod on “shuffle” and just let it randomly pick the songs. Its such a great way to hear all your music, and I get kind of excited to hear whats coming on next. Every single time Sparta plays I get that naggy feeling of “why don’t I listen to these guys more?” So I did. Even better, I found out that they have three other albums I didn’t know about. I’m really looking forward to checking them out more.

Sparta on David Letterman

Cut Your Ribbon video

I’m pretty sure Rich Taylor is a fan, how about you Scary Larry? Anyone else? Hope you likeee.

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How many of you saw the Super Bowl commercial featuring The Smashing Pumpkins new song “FOL,” (Feel Our Love)? I didn’t see it during the actual game, but still I watched it several times.

You can download the whole song for free here, if you’d like. I love it, there is some real energy in this song, you do kinda “feel it.” And you end up singing it repetitively, maybe that’s what happened (Billy got his own song stuck in his head when he wrote it). Seriously though, I was a little nervous when I heard the new song would be released through a car commercial, I can’t really even think of a logical reason why.

After hearing it, and it is straight up Pumpkin goodness, I realized how silly that was. Because its actually really cool; I just got a great song from Billy for free. Take that Corgan nay-sayers, he was creative and managed to get paid for his work, but his fans didn’t have to be the ones to do it.

After listening to that one song many times, today I listened to a shuffled mix of everything Smashing Pumpkins (yes, Billy, I do listen to entire albums) and at once my super fandom was totally validated when “Bye June” came twinkling out of the speakers. That was followed by “Rose March” and I was as happy as I was the first time I listened to Siamese Dream.

(Below) enjoy some “Bye June” accompanied by some wonderful pictures taken in Scotland.

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