Say Hi To Your Mom (8/31/06) - Maxwell's, NJ
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Say Hi’s new album “Ooohs and Ahhs”  has been played a lot at our house this last week.  Say Hi is one of the bands that validates to me why I can’t live happily without  having the music playing.

(What a difference from the band featured in my last post; Tinted Windows, who have some talent but choose to use it poorly and not find a better singer, not to mention the superficial lame lyrics.)

Say Hi appeals to everything in me, in a soft melting all over you and leaking inside the cracks way.  The music doesn’t interrupt or enter abrasively, but it gets into your head all the same.  The lyrics are sometimes hard to understand, you have to really be listening to understand them, but the cool thing is that every once in a bit you finally figure out what he is saying and its one of the wittiest things ever.

How can the lyrics keep being so genius, and original?  That is what I was asking myself while buying this latest album, slightly worried that it couldn’t be done.  Yah right, “Oohs and Ahhs” is pretty much supercalifragilistic.

Also, Say Hi is touring right now and BEST OF ALL, I will be seeing them next month!  I am thrilled.  Please see them here for their concert schedule if you would like to see them, or listen to “November was white, December was Gray” from the new album.

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