I am reading a book called “X Saves the World; How Generation X Got the Shaft but Can Still Keep Everything from Sucking,” by Jeff Gordinier.    I’m only a couple chapters into it, but I’m already pretty sure that it is right on, and I get it on so many fun levels.

I have a 5 year old literally hanging on my arm and begging me to play with him, so this needs to be short, but I have to share one of my favorite parts so far.  He writes about Nirvana and the explosion that Curt Cobain caused in bringing “alternative” music to the spotlight.  Because before that, it was still alternative.

He says: “ By 1993 a bulletin had gone out, which is exactly why anyone with a sense of history knew it couldn’t last.  Scientists had located and identified the X pathogen, and they were doing everything  they could to keep the alternative epidemic under control.  From what I could tell, the experts were employing the same ingenious approach that they’d used on the California fruit flies.”

He goes on to describe this process, and then comes what could be my favorite line of the book so far: “This was the most sensible way to explain the existence of Stone Temple Pilots.”   There have been some much more obviously humorous and witty statements than that in this book, but THIS one speaks clearly to my burning irritation of how mediocre, boring bands continuously make it to the mainstream and the radio (ooh ick).  Seriously people, who is picking this stuff, and why are so many thinking persons allowing it to penetrate their ears?  How did it happen?

I think I offended a really wonderful chiropractor when we lived in Phoenix, because he was a huge fan of Rob Thomas and I just couldn’t leave it alone.   I really liked and respected our chiropractor and I just couldn’t be satisfied that Rob Thomas would be the pinnacle of his music listening experience.

Hopefully I will share more with you as I read more, but if you are a member of Gen X; usually born between the years of 1960-1977, or if you can pass Gordinier’s GXAT (Generation X Aptitude Test) which is only one question long, you will most likely appreciate this book.    By the way, the one question he asks is: “Do you want to change the world?”

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Guess who’s getting excited for the new Twilight movie?

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