Looking through some boxes the other day I found some old cassette tapes.  I put them in my son’s room because he actually has a tape player, and tonight I finally got a chance to listen.   XTC’s album “Skylarking” was a favorite for me, it was so weird and mello and they had that cool slight accent thing going.  Ooh, it brings back wonderful California memories of hanging out in my room and listening to music.

While I loved “Summer’s Cauldron” and most of the other songs, “Grass” was the song that I remember the most and I had to do a lot of fast forwarding to get to it tonight.   It turns out Tac never did like them, and my kids were not all that impressed, but I dooon’t care.   I’m thinking I might need to get it on disc for future listening though.

This is a very nice video I found with good sound.  I did see one that someone must have originally taped off of MTV, but the picture and sound were not worthy.   So watch and enjoy a little trip back to 1986.

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I have been really impressed with my son’s Kindergarten teacher.   She is infinitely patient, wears incredibly stylish shoes, and most important; my son loves going to school.   He is happy and learning, and when I go into her classroom as a volunteer I feel like I learn ( about patience and being kind to all; that kind of stuff).

So I already thought she was awesome, and then she went and commented on a Smashing Pumpkins shirt I was wearing and said that she was a fan too.   It was fun to talk with her about music, and ponder about what in the heck is Billy Corgan doing, and she even asked me what my favorite SP album is (Siamese Dream), hers is Gish.

As we talked about bands, she suggested I check out the band Phoenix.  I suggested Mew to her and I am curious to see what she thinks.   BUT ANYWAYS, this post is about the band Phoenix, who happen to be on tour right now btw.  Their Seattle show is already sold out, but if you live elsewhere you may be able to see them (Larry- Feb. 1).

I am really liking these dancy, poppy, happy, French musicians.

*to my sister Jennette- I think of you every time I listen to “If I Ever Feel Better” because I imagine you and Bosco dancing around the living room to it….try it and let me know how that goes :)

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Bloc Party Concert.
Image by _e.t via Flickr

Every time I go to a concert I leave with questions.    I want to know about the rules of encores.  Have they evolved?  Have bands always been expected to do an encore performance like they do now?   Is it just part of the show, is that part of what we the ticket holder have purchased?   Does the band plan what they will play, and more specifically do they hold out certain songs for the encore, and if so are we the audience under the obligation to “earn” the encore presentation by cheering and clapping until they come back out?  How long should we do that?   Do bands like to use the encore as an opportunity to play some of their more obscure songs because they are just there on their own time, so people can’t really be crabby if they hear things they they are not familiar with?   Are bands sick of it, yet feel like they have to perform one or the audience will be cheesed off?

Is there a science, so to say, about the encore?

Seriously, this is what I am thinking about after a concert?   Well yes actually, amid the whoo-hooing, happy clapping and the general debate with oneself about do I want to spend $ 20-30.00 on concert t-shirts n’stuff.   (At the Mew concert the other night I actually bought a hoodie sweatshirt, which is a first for me because I am pretty cheap.  Its way cute and I basically love it.)   But I want to know if anyone else thinks about this as much as I do.

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