I was Mary Poppins for Halloween this year, its kind of a work in progress for me with really big plans to do it again next year.  My son thinks I should be Zombie Mary Poppins, we will see.  I love Mary Poppins- a lot, and I have had so much fun singing her awesome songs this Halloween season (when no one is listening of course).  Hope you all had a good time trick or treating!

My friend Damien Street just made this picture of me flying, its awesome! Thanks Damien.

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Summer is totally over, and I want to officially say: “So Long Sweet Summer”…..and I’m going to miss you very much.

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I did something I don’t do very much, I went running.  I ran around the track for an hour during my son’s soccer practice.   I needed a workout that didn’t involve my sore shoulder.

While running, I had my ipod on shuffle because I just love being surprised.   The most perfect song started playing about half way through and it just really made me appreciate EVEN MORE what a fabulous place I live in:

“Northwestern Girls” from Say Hi’s album “The Wishes and the Glitch.”   I love this song, but  now I really love this song.   Because you know I’m a Northwestern girl and I was breathing in “the air here” and it is some amazing air.   And the falling leaves make it smell even better, especially with that crisp October edge.

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