On most days “Say Hi” is one of my top 5 favorite bands.  When it comes down to what do I want to listen to today? the dry, humorous, off the beaten path, yet geniusly poignant lyrics of Eric Elbogen are often my first choice.   Plus, I really enjoy his voice and the music that he plays to go with it.   When we saw him perform this summer at a park in Seattle, he sang a new song from his upcoming album, so I knew there was one on the way.   “Um, Uh Oh” is finally here.

We waited until the night of the show to get it, I enjoyed doing that so much the week before at a different concert that we just decided to do it again.   That way we heard all the songs live first and got what I like to imagine as an added flavor or something silly like that.  I so much enjoyed the show/album release party.

Eric E sat front and center at a drum set with a microphone and guitars within reach.  It was really fun to watch him play, change instruments, and just sing like he does.   I don’t think he ever puts on any kind of pretense, he seems very genuine and his music is quite heartfelt.  Also good, I want to make that point clear.

Earlier albums had really fun songs all about vampires (pre-Twilight), spaceships or robots(“Your brains vs My Tractorbeam) and love; or some form thereof.  This latest one seems to be about more personal or grown up material like dating and the after-effects of dating, and still (thank goodness) love.

This was not a stand still and listen to music event, most of the audience including Tac and I, were totally dancing (we are not talking about boogieing down here).    At the end of a song, Eric E told us that we had just heard the last song of the show, and that he would now play the encore.  Apparently he has talked to the audience at previous shows about how he feels about encores, I have not been to those shows so I don’t know exactly what he said, but I do know that I think encores are lame and a big waste of everyone’s time.   It was cool.   They start their tour next month, and I highly recommend this show to almost every person that I know.

And I can’t end without saying that we really missed our friends Scary Larry and Amber.  Larry introduced us to Say Hi, and I am uber grateful that he shared.

Also, our friend Darren was there so that was fun.

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While looking at the upcoming concert schedule for Nuemos in Seattle, I came across an interesting looking band: British Sea Power.   They were compared to bands like The Cure and  The Pixies, so I started listening to everything I could find by them and I like them for sure, but we’ve only just met.  I will need to spend more time getting to know them better.  They are coming to town on April 2 and it is on our calendar, they look like a way fun band to see live.

I quite like this video of “Remember Me”

If you are wanting to hear more, you can listen here on their website.   I love that feeling when you listen to a band for the first time and you just know that you are going to have a great time discovering more about them.

What do you think about them?  Anyone already a fan?

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Do you like to make play lists?  Do you remember the days of the “mixed tape” with affection?  I wish I still had every mixed tape anyone, including myself, ever made for me!   Mixed cd’s are also a treasure, if any of you that are reading this have ever received a mixed cd from myself, its because  “hey; I really like you.”

So if you’re into that, or just really want to win an i tunes gift card then j* at Digestable Trax is having a play list contest you probably want to enter.   The deadline is almost here, so you need to do it quickly, but isn’t that when we all do our best work anyways?   I just finally entered it last night, and since I was just hours away from going to see Say Hi when I made my list, there are like 3 Say Hi songs….perfect.

ALSO…while we are on the topic; I want to share with you a recent mixed cd song list I used to make 2 cd’s last week for new babies and their grown up peeps as well.  I didn’t put each of these songs on both cd’s, this is just every song I ended up putting on both put together.

*This Is Heaven- The Mummers (read the rest of the list below while you listen to this pretty little song)

*Around Us- Jonsi

*New Friend- Aqualung

*All my friends are insects- Weezer

*Special- Mew

*Wake me up- The Mummers

*Boy Lilikoi- Jonsi

*Bilavisur- Bjork (gling-glo)

*The Ceiling on the wall- Bryan Scary and the Shredding Tears

*Magnetic North- Aqualung

*Kata Rokkar- Bjork

*Luna- Smashing Pumpkins

*My Blue Heaven- Smashing Pumpkins

*Love Never Dies- from musical by same name

*Reel my In- Aqualung

*Getting Old- HelloGoodbye

*Go Do- Jonsi

*Animal Arithmatic- Jonsi

*Block after Block- Matt and Kim

*Wildcat- Ratatat

*Meet the Elements- They might be Giants

I just *KNOW* my darling new niece is going to be a little music lover

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Music and words….a most blissful combination. Bright Star; a movie about John Keats mingles them together resulting in a rather intoxicating confection.

Men, before you stop reading I would like to remind you that Valentines Day is coming, and this movie (along with voting for Pedro) could make all your wildest dreams come true.

I am entirely captivated and spellbound when this movie is on, when its over I am left dazzled and somewhat intoxicated. Much of this is due to the beauty of the music and the poetry. Also the romance. I love this movie, and want to share with you all things musical that I love.

This is part of the soundtrack with words from the poem “Ode to a Nightingale”

Movie trailer

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I have known that White Lies were coming out with a new album, I have even checked their website occasionally to see when.  But I have a gift for forgetting all kinds of things, especially when that thing is a number.   So “Ritual” was released and concerts were scheduled and i was somewhere in the fog….literally people…clouds, rain and drizzle; nonstop.

What surprise and joy then, when I checked Neumo’s calendar (because I was feeling anxious about forgetting the date of Say Hi’s show) and saw that White Lies was playing the very next night.   Definitely one of those bands I figured I would never get to see, until…I moved next door to Seattle.   And even then, who would have thought they would play in such a cool, smallish venue.

Thanks to Tac’s friend Matt we found out that Ships would be the opening band.  Here’s how I usually end up feeling about the opening band: Grrrr-Arggg!   But we looked up Ships and they were good, so we got there on time and everything.    We totally enjoyed their music and  positive happy vibe.   The singer reminded us of Andy from Parks and Rec when his beanie would fall over his face and he  just kept singing all the louder.   I hope to see them again.

I love to feel the mood of the crowd change  and grow excited when the headlining band comes out.   There is so much about live music that is felt along with being heard: the floor moving, the music vibrating in your heart, anticipation, brief moments of stillness.  I always try and remember those feelings, they make for very effective anti-depressants when needed.   White Lies came out and very much astounded me with their sound.

They sounded so full and loud, but really clean and crisp too.  Harry McVeigh’s voice was more amazing and rich even than it is on their records.   There were 5 guys onstage playing a lot of music, often switching from one instrument to another.   The mix of 80′s-esque keyboards,  with a strong guitar presence was  heavenly.

We bought the new cd at the show that night, normally i like to have listened to a new album before seeing the show, but this was so cool that I’m glad we did it that way.   Hearing the new songs for the first time in such a perfect setting, played a bit harder I think, than the recorded versions, made me love them all the more.

I was afraid briefly that I wouldn’t hear “Unfinished Business,”  but they were saving it for the encore.   And yes, it was perfect.

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I just bought concert tickets for tomorrow night! Good thing I got on Neumos website, or I would never have known White Lies was playing.

Here’s what happiness awaits me…

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My Dad came to visit us earlier this week. He drove 9 hrs to come and do a presentation for my son’s 3rd grade class on Native Americans. He’s just cool like that.

When he was done, all the kids were still in school so we came back to our house, ate lunch and watched Muse perform live on their H.A.A.R.P dvd. It was really fun. He had never seen them perform, or even listened very much to their music before that, but he is a musician so watching how AWESOME they are live was a great experience together. Now he knows why most of his kids love Muse so much.

We also finally went to see the Compline choir at St. Marks in Seattle that I blogged about last month. It was amazing. I can’t wait to do it again.

I have always enjoyed listening to music with my dad. I’m pretty sure its one of our favorite things to do together. When I was little, and my mom would leave him in charge he would crank up the stereo and we would rock out. I would definitely say he helped form my love for music. We also share one other thing in common now: bad hearing…..:)

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Jan 082011

This album go by Jonsi has been hovering around in my musical “to listen to list” ever since our friend Scarry Larry wrote kind words of praise for it in his blog.   I have known for awhile that I would most likely love it, but the timing wasn’t just right for me, and I didn’t want to ruin what would otherwise be a good first impression.   I’m complicated about my music, I hope you are too.   Plus, don’t you ever just want to save something for later that you know is going to be wonderful?

“Tornado” is one of our favorite songs on this album, that’s right I said “our” because my husband really likes Jonsi as well.  This makes me very happy.    (invitation to listen while you read)

We both love his beautiful high voice and Icelandic accent.    Layered, simple, unhurried, sincere, audio mood enhancer, delightful, subtly intense, crescendos, clarity and fresh air…. are the first words that come to mind when I try and describe go.

I am happy to have some Jonsi in my life.

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