We arrived in London yesterday morning really tired. After all day naps we walked out to find some food and see what our new hood is like. We live close to Hyde Park is about all I can tell you right now, after todays explorations I should have more for you.
We brought our sandwiches apples and chocolate home to eat and I decided to check out the stereo on the side table. It has a cassette player. And there is one cassette.

Perhaps you may have guessed….the soundtrack to Dirty Dancing! That lasted all of a few songs, and then it started to sound under water or maybe its just that bad. Either way we turned it off.

Thankfully my husband figured out the wi-fi and our withdrawals have started to subside and we are able to play our own music.

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I might be too late for this, I think South may have broken up.  That is really too bad, since they are an English band and I was hoping to have seen a show while we are there.   I was late to the party and bought “You Are Here”  (2008) just last month. I also have some of their other cd’s too, most notably “With the Tides.”

I have posted about them before, they do an amazing version of New Order’s “Bizarre Love Triangle.”

With all the leaving the country craziness (we are 1/2 way there btw; we have packed up and are visiting family) I never did write about “You Are Here.”  It is a mello album, and I have to pay attention or I drift, but so far we have enjoyed it.  We listened to it all the way home from Grand View, ID (my home town) and I listened to it a lot while driving from WA to ID last week.  I like listening  to music while driving when the kids are quiet, it gives me an opportunity to really listen and hear it closely.

I want to leave you with song 10 “Soul Receivers” before I get back to my sweet neice.

ok, once again for fun…

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A song of the day (one of them anyways) could be “Where is Home?” by Bloc Party.    Another one would be “I Have Some of the Most Amazing, Beautiful Friends Evaaar, and I am Crazy to be Leaving Them!!!!”   But I don’t know who sings it (oh yeah, I do).

We had our last day in Issaquah today before we embark on our new adventure.   The children had special days in school with their friends and teachers.  Xzavier’s teacher did something so neat that I cried in his classroom in front of his friends.   His teacher is fabulous and I will miss her, she was critical in the positive experience that was his 3rd grade year.

We said goodbye to our friends, and I did more crying. Another song of the day: “Goodbye, Goodbye” by Oingo Boingo.

I love my friends and I love Washington.   But London is Calling.


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