Just me and my guy went to a show over the weekend.   We don’t leave the kids much here, but we had to go and could not bring the kids along to this one.   I was not familiar with the entire storyline, so it was rather entertaining to us that we went to a Pie shop; “Battersea Pie Station” in Covent Garden, for dinner before the show.  It was my first real British pie and it was delicious.  Butternut squash and goats cheese.   When Mrs. Lovett started using the flesh of Sweeney Todd’s murder victims in her pie shop, we had a nice chuckle.  And to add to the fun, our pie shop was off of The Strand which is just around the corner from Fleet Street…where Sweeney Todd and Mrs. Lovett worked and lived.

Imelda Stanton (played Dolores Umbridge in Harry Potter) was Mrs. Lovett, and she was AMAZING!  Her best songs were mostly humorous and performed in Mrs. Lovett’s silly voice.   Her ability to let sounds and body language spice up her acting was incredible.   Can you tell she was my favorite?

Other than the opening song, which was not my favorite, I really enjoyed the music in this show.

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The kids and I had one of our coolest field trips ever this week.   It was in the Royal Albert Hall here in London which I have been wanting to go to since the day we moved here and the taxi cab driver told me all about it.

The London Philharmonic played famous classical pieces accompanied by a laser light show.    Seth actually got out of his chair to hug me and say thank you during the show, he liked it so much.  Even my teenager thought it was great.   She is no longer easily impressed.


I took a few pictures while the orchestra were setting up and the lights were still on.  We felt just like we were in a fancy old Victorian opera house, because we were!   Red curtains behind us and all.

There was a special guest performer for one song; a Spanish guitar player.  The kids were so impressed, he was amazing.   It was a beautiful experience.  On the final song, there were fireworks inside the building and then some people dressed as soldiers appeared in the columns at the very top and they fired pretend muskets and a huge old looking cannon went off.  It was very patriotic.

The hall is so large we had to go across the street into Kensington Garden just to fit some it into a picture with the kids.   And once you are there, well, you may as well walk around and thoroughly enjoy the rest of your day…….

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We bought the kids new guitars last month and they practice almost everyday. So for their Grandma Ronda’s birthday they have been working on a song for her.  This was their first experience with trying to play a song  and sing/work together.   I think they did great.   It was really fun for them to work on something to make their Grandma’s big day special.

Happy Birthday Grandma Ronda!

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