Apr 192010

I went mountain biking today.   I went by myself like I usually do, because I have about 2 hours when all of my kids are in school, and Tac is always at work then.   I don’t mind going by myself too much, but I have wondered what I would do if I ever seriously hurt myself out there in the woods all alone.

Today I wrecked pretty bad, so I got to find out.  I’m really blessed that I didn’t break my arm, instead I almost broke my arm and hurt it quite badly.  I managed to get home so that was nice, but oooh did it hurt.   I made it a point to enjoy the ride home anyways, I figured it might be my last ride for a little while so might as well have a little fun.

I did run over a snake and that made me very sad.   I coaxed it into my water bottle to take home and try to let it heal (science experiment for the kids) but then I realized that a fast bumpy ride in a hard water bottle would not help the snakes condition, so I let it go.

I hurt.  I am writing this with a sling on my arm trying not to move it much, plus I have plenty of bruises, and scrapes.  So for my daily post I am linking to another blogger’s post on music which I read today and really enjoyed.    Here’s to me getting better quick!

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