The last week in September it will not suck to be me.   The Pumpkins recently decided to make a stop in Boise on Sep. 26, two days before their Salt Lake City concert.   We already had tickets for the SLC show, and this morning I bought tickets for the Boise show too!   I wouldn’t normally be shelling out the big money like this, but its Billy- what else can a girl (and her hot husband) do?

You know how when Billy Corgan is in a good mood at the end of the show he usually asks if there are any requests from the audience?  Well I plan to be prepared, last time I spent too much time thinking about it and then forgot the names of all my favorite songs.  Have I mentioned that I don’t perform well under pressure – at all.

So far I am debating between Spaceboy, In the Arms of Sleep, and Luna.   I’m sure it will occupy way too much of my mental energy over the next month though.

My question for you:  what song would you pick for The Pumpkins to play if you were lucky enough to be asked?

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  2 Responses to “Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater”

  1. Since D’Arcy is no longer around to sing “Daydream”, “Rhinocerous” has always been my favorite. Have fun at the concerts!

  2. without a doubt, my request would be Porcelina. I’ve seen it live a few times, and it’s just incredible. INCREDIBLE.
    I still have to wait until november to see the band, you’re so lucky!! only a couple of weeks left now!! I can’t wait to hear how it goes.

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