I have been really impressed with my son’s Kindergarten teacher.   She is infinitely patient, wears incredibly stylish shoes, and most important; my son loves going to school.   He is happy and learning, and when I go into her classroom as a volunteer I feel like I learn ( about patience and being kind to all; that kind of stuff).

So I already thought she was awesome, and then she went and commented on a Smashing Pumpkins shirt I was wearing and said that she was a fan too.   It was fun to talk with her about music, and ponder about what in the heck is Billy Corgan doing, and she even asked me what my favorite SP album is (Siamese Dream), hers is Gish.

As we talked about bands, she suggested I check out the band Phoenix.  I suggested Mew to her and I am curious to see what she thinks.   BUT ANYWAYS, this post is about the band Phoenix, who happen to be on tour right now btw.  Their Seattle show is already sold out, but if you live elsewhere you may be able to see them (Larry- Feb. 1).

I am really liking these dancy, poppy, happy, French musicians.

*to my sister Jennette- I think of you every time I listen to “If I Ever Feel Better” because I imagine you and Bosco dancing around the living room to it….try it and let me know how that goes :)

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  2 Responses to “Phoenix; its not just a town Scary Larry lives next to”

  1. My brother just turned me on to Phoenix – I’m digging them right now. (In between Hannah Montana songs, of course.)

  2. I heard about the concert on the radio. Unfortunately, I have to work. It sucks cuz it is at the Marquee in Tempe where Amber and I like to go. We could’ve possibly met the band afterward. Oh well. Thanks for the heads-up though.

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