There are two things I have been wanting to post on this site for days, and just haven’t had the chance yet. Partly because I have been trying to get my life and house in perfect order because Stephenie Meyer’s new book “Breaking Dawn” comes out today and after 9:30 this morning (when the bookstore opens) I will be totally out of commission for days. Also, I have just been so busy having a blast this summer with my kids, I am a huge fan of the summer vacation.

First, I bought an EP album from the band Umbrellas, who i have loved for quite some time. They have some full length albums out as well that are very good, this EP was just new so i bought it. It is called “Beach Front Property” and has 4 beautiful Umbrellas style songs that are great like all their other stuff, and 1 very different kind of Umbrellas song called “Walking on Water.” It is my favorite. I think there is an accordion playing in it. It is playful, and ever so slightly dark, and inspires dancing (note: Tac did not marry me for my dancing skills). If you are an Umbrellas fan (Tyler Rice) you will love it, and if you don’t know Umbrellas yet, give them a try.

Second, Tac showed me something that had me laughing really hard and I was just so tickled when i realized it was technically music and therefore could be published in this blog. I should also explain that we have no satellite or cable, so this was new to me whereas it might be old news to you who have lots of channels. Its a show called “Flight of the Conchords.” Heres a little clip; have a great weekend!

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