I must have been in a super bad mood the first time my husband played The Shins for me.  He is so sweet, always on the lookout for music that he thinks I will like.   But I was pretty crabby that year and I didn’t want anything to do with them,  I know it is moments like this that keep Tac guessing about me.   A year or so before that he brought home some Muse for me, just knowing I would be ecstatic beyond  belief, but for reasons totally unknown to me I told him I didn’t like it.   The only thing we have been able to come up with is that I didn’t like the band that had recommended it as great music.   One of my brothers brought a Muse cd over one day and started playing it, and I have been in love ever since.   Tac teases me still about that one.   I came back to my senses about The Shins some time ago as well, so I was happy to hear that Tac had purchased the album “Wincing the Night Away” while he was in California last month.    However, all he managed to bring home was the empty cd case, the album still being in the rental car.    He called the rental car place, and they said they found it and would mail it back to us, but I think they just decided to keep it instead.   So last week I asked one of my brothers to make me a copy of it, but I can say that in front of millions of readers (at least :)    because technically I had already bought it.    I have been enjoying it, The Shins are happy music, I notice my kids humming along and generally not complaining.    They remind me ever so much of the music that my dad always listened to when I was a kid, with the guitars and harmonies,  and who doesnt like an occasional ukulele?    Yep, there is definitely room in my life (and ipod) for more Shins.

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