Now for Seve vs Evan!!! Its two guys from Utah playing keyboard and drums, and they win the award for creative and unusual, super cool, very fun and danceable, all around NEAT music. I put their song “Little Red and Wolfie B” in a top 5 depressing love songs list a while back (see here).

I don’t know how many albums they have, Steam Powered Rocket Ship is the only one available on itunes, and with songs like “Castle Greyskull” (uh huh, as in He-man and Battle Cat) and “Lady Lady” it looks very good. I don’t own it YET, but I will.

I do have some older songs that “appeared” on my ipod, I don’t really know from who. They get played a lot though, i do know that. “Night of the Lonely,” “Angry Unicorn Queen,” and “Mega-bomberman” are a few of them. I think I will have to search the used bins in music stores, or ask my brother who seems to be able to download *anything* for some of their other stuff.   Seriously, listen to Seve vs Evan, you’ll probably love it if you already don’t.

Now I have to join my boys in the back yard for a scavenger hunt they created all by themselves, it should be a good one. Plus I should take the advice given to them only 30 minutes ago: “it’s like the nicest day ever, GO OUTSIDE AND PLAY!!”

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  1. I could arrange for you to get a cd. Message our myspace.

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