“Its so cold in this house” seriously people, it is really cold in my house! We just now turned the heat on for the first time this winter because neither one of us has had a big desire to make the hour round trip to the special furnace store to purchase the $125.00 air filter required to run our even more special furnace.

However, in an attempt to show my husband love and support during a particularly busy, stressful work week (and to stop shivering) I made the trip today. We have officially turned the heater on, so I figured I better hurry up and blog this song before its inapplicable to us.

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Since I haven’t purchased any new albums as of late, I have had time to just listen to all my music without incessantly playing whatever is new.  (Except for a 2 week spree of listening to only The Strokes when I was in my car.)  I really enjoy that; as you scroll down your ipod and try to figure out what you want to hear most and discover that its someone you haven’t thought of in a little while.

In particular this summer that has been the case for me with Depeche Mode and INXS, especially Depeche Mode’s “Blue Dress.” (subtitles just add to the fun)

And INXS’ “Disappear”

Hey, remember the 80′s?  Those were some seriously tight pants he was wearing, and very expressive dancing, but I am a real fan of his hair.  Some of you may know this already: I do like curls.

One more song that I really want to mention is “Hero” by Bloc Party.  Sometimes singles get lost in the shuffle, and I tend to listen to songs on full length albums more often.  I’m so happy when I play the singles and get to remember songs like this.

“Im a boy and you’re a girl, what else is there in this world? I can make you smile I can make you laugh, what else is there in this world?” I think you can feel that for yourself, or remember how it feels in no better time than the summer.  I love that simplistic reminder.  Plus making me laugh is key, thats one of a few reasons I married Tac, he is totally funny.

Ok, thats enough for now.  Good thing I have a blog, or else I might explode with wanting to talk music with somebody.

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I have been putting this post off for too long, but I really didn’t want to write it; thus making a formal admission of not so much liking Bloc Party‘s new album “Intimacy.” The first words of the first song pretty much sum up what I think of this album.. (whoa whoa whoa whoa)

And its not like I hate it or anything, I just don’t get the familiar Bloc Party lovin’ feeling when I’m listening, and I don’t want to listen to it very much either (not a good sign). I generally feel irritable after listening to it for a while, and my kids will firmly attest that I need no outside help with this. To sum it up, I don’t enjoy the album.

To play fair and nice, I do want to mention that I like the 3 songs “halo,” “signs,” and “one month off.”

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