Forget Muzak, I love these 8 bit remixes.

I’m blogjacking Jen’s blog again to share these so I’ll at least stick to music she likes but you can check them out on YouTube.

Some of my favorite channels are 8bitmachine, 8bitsbrother & Florio003 which did a whole bunch of Muse songs:

Muse Plug In Baby

Muse Uprising

Muse Starlight

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Some wife’s, when their last child starts going to school, feel sad that their left home alone. Not Jen. There’s a trail 2 minutes from our door on her bike.

As you can see it’s a sweet single track trail that she has all to herself while the kids are in school.

She used to taunt me with pictures like this last fall when she was sneaking in a ride before the weather got too cold and I was at work.

Yeah she was taunting me. She initially asked me to write a post for her but she decided to write her own post. I’m still going to post this one anyway and I may not even tell her about it. In fact while she’s milking all the sympathy she can get out of this bike injury I may be posting here ocasionaly. (I’m a much bigger whiner than she is by the way)

I may decide to tell her about it or I may just surprise her. See there’s really nothing she could do to stop me because I do all the maintenance for her on this blog. Of course I suppose if she really wanted to she could find some way to stop me.

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