Yes, you are already very aware that I love Muse. But sometimes you just have to vent or share and this is one of them.

I was feeling so downish while I was cleaning up after lunch today.  You spend the time to make a meal, you get it all ready and on the table, people come eat it, they leave, and you are left alone to clean it all up and get everything shiny again.  Then you know you just have to do it again in a few hours.  Also lingering in my thoughts was the dread of taking the kids school supplies shopping later today (not fun).

During all of this my iPod was on shuffle, then came those lovely little flitting notes followed by guitars and it was like smelling a rose on a warm summer night.  Everything in my body went into happy easy breathing mode.  “Glorious” by Muse may have actually changed my chemical makeup.

When this song is playing, I can’t tell you what time it is or if we have to be somewhere later, I mostly just crank the volume and drift along to it.  Do any of you have a song like that?

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