Tee hee hee, I’m so happy! I just found out yesterday (after I had already posted about them) that Muse has created another album. It is called “The Resistance” and I will be purchasing it on Sep. 14th when it is released.

This is HUGE to me, I wish I could properly convey the excitement that I’m feeling. Perhaps the only way is for you to check out their site and listen to “Uprising” and “United States of Eurasia” then maybe you and I will be feeling it together.

Lately I have been wishfully thinking that maybe Muse would be coming out with something soon, but they are so intense and astonishingly completely wonderful¬† that I feel it is only right to be patient while waiting and give them sufficient time to create.¬†¬† So “The Resistance” is like the best present that I didn’t even have to suffer and wait for!

Listen and comment, please. :)

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