Earlier in the fall I posted about the (then) upcoming album “Sidewalks” by Matt and Kim.   Well its here, and after days of listening to it I am ready to say that I dig it.    It is what it is: poppy, fun, rhythm laden, happy, up tempo music, and exactly what we would expect from Matt and Kim.

They came to Seattle promoting this album, and alas as the title of my blog indicates I am a “Gen-Xer,” making me roughly  in my mid 30′s, and smack in the middle of raising kids.   That schedule is not always conducive to concert attendance.   But, on the upside my kids really like Matt and Kim, so its fun to listen with them.

I think collectively our favorite song on the album is “Block After Block.”

THIS is why I want to see then live so bad.

Its like they combine all the fun pop that sometimes I just want to love on, Aaaand they can rock it live. I’m pretty sure I will see them perform one day. I’m a total fan girl.

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Matt and Kim have a new song.  Its called Cameras.  I obviously like it.   Maybe you will too.

Cameras by mattandkim

Their new album comes out Nov. 2nd, I know what I will be doing that day.

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While Tac was living in WA in the bachelor pad, the kids and I were still in ID for about a month & 1/2, so they could  finish school and I could get the house ready for moving out.  I had zero spare time for fun stuff like finding new music, but Tac had a bit of time to do as he pleased.  Graciously, he spent some of that time at the music store and he came back to ID to pick us up with a Matt and Kim CD.

I had never heard of them before, but that should mostly be attributed to the fact that I never listen to radio stations or any thing of that nature.  I know that I am missing out on some good stuff, but the rest of it is so putrid,vile and ordinary that I can’t stand it.

Matt and Kim is way cool, its like really good breakfast cereal.  Naturally sweet, a little crunchy, doesn’t get soggy too quickly, and you generally want another bowl, knowing that you will most likely be having some for a snack later in the day as well.  (I hope that analogy worked for you, even if your’e  not addicted to cereal like I am)

Maybe this video will help if the cereal didn’t.  Seriously can’t get enough of this, thank you Tac!

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