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Mew played in Seattle a couple days ago and we finally got to see them!  No car crashes this time  (Last month we wanted to see Say Hi and Tac got hit on the freeway that day so we didn’t go).   We totally owe it to Scary Larry who gave us the heads up that Mew would be here.

The show was at Nuemos, which is a medium sized club.  It was so wonderful to be in a venue like that, and not at some huge place with lots of annoying people everywhere.  The audience was great, it was a bunch of Mew fans.   We got there about 15 minutes before they came out, and then the lights dimmed and the band came out and started the night with Into to Palace Players.  Everyone was just dancing and swaying and really happy to be there.

After Palace Players they played a longer cool intro to Special.  I love when bands start songs off different than normal, and everyone is listening and waiting to figure what song it is, and then when they play a recognizable beat everyone starts cheering.   After that I lose track of the order of things.  I’m not good at remembering things like that when I’m so busy having a great time.

New Terrain really stands out in my mind as so awesome!  They amazed me with the amount of work they did on stage to make that song happen.  Several of them were singing different things at the same time, cupping the microphones differently in their hands to change the sounds.  They were intense in the layers they created, and I loved it.

Louise Louisa was phenomenal.   Towards the end of the song Jonas Bjerre’s voice was all that could be heard (or its all I heard) as he sang out soft and at the same time loud in perfect pitch the words:

“I’m in a car, I don’t know where we are headed for. Stay with me, don’t want to be alone.”

It was beautiful.  The light shone on his face as he was singing, and I was pretty much entranced with it all.  It will definitely be a sweet moment to remember in my life.

You know when you hear a band live for the first time, and you get that wonderful fuzzy feeling because you know for a fact that they are as good as they sound from the studio?  I got it.   The show was awesome.  When it ended and then they came out a little later for an encore, I was thrilled and figured we would be lucky to get 1 or 2 more songs.   They came out and started playing Circuitry of the Wolf really loud and hard.  Seriously, WOW!

Then, they went straight into Chinaberry Tree and so on for around 45 minutes.   Tac and I made a list of the songs we are pretty sure they played- just for you Larry.

  • Intro to Palace Players
  • Special
  • Reprise
  • Apocalypso
  • Sometimes Life Isn’t Easy
  • Zookeepers Boy
  • Repeater Beater
  • Envoy to the Open Fields
  • New Terrain
  • Beach
  • White Lips Kissed
  • Louise Louisa
  • Am I Wry, No
  • 156
  • Silas the Magic Car
  • Circuitry of the Wolf
  • Chinaberry Tree
  • Fox cub
  • Saviours of Jazz Ballet
  • Snow Brigade
  • She Spider
  • Hawaii

and probably more.

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I’m essentially wonder-struck with Mew‘s newest album “No More Stories...”  Neither Tac or I have listened to much else since it arrived at our house.  Our five year old has been singing the words “sometimes life isn’t easy” because that is his favorite song from the album.

I have spent a lot of time talking about Mew lately, so we will leave them now with the final comment that this album rocks and moves exquisitely.

I also bought Imogen Heap‘s new album “Ellipse.”  I really enjoy her music, she makes me feel a little more dancy than usual.  This album is full of real emotions that I feel when I listen to it.  I love that her music comes straight from her and you can tell that she makes it how she wants, and that her musical integrity is very strong.  This album is just the right amount of her older style with something new too.  Watch a music video for “First Train Home” or listen to her myspace

And finally (since I have to hurry up and go because we have soccer) I wanted to mention what my son said to me while we were walking home from taking Zave to school: “Mom, can we listen to Silversun Pickups when we get home?”  I can’t tell you how much I love this child :)

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Jul 162009
No More Stories...
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It sort of feels like my brain has been probed. Its either that, or Mew created new songs that everyone is addicted to and craving constantly,humming and dancing to all the time.

Isn’t it great when you already love a band, they are already one of your favorites, and then they somehow improve when you didn’t think it was possible? That’s how I feel about Mew’s new EP “No More Stories.”

In particular are the songs: “Introducing Palace Players” and “Repeaterbeater” which you can listen to here.

On a side note, I learned on facebook that Brian of “Brian Scary and the Shredding Tears” is going off to pursue other things musical.  Good Luck to him, and I am so bummed that I will never see them live now.  Oh well.

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