Some wife’s, when their last child starts going to school, feel sad that their left home alone. Not Jen. There’s a trail 2 minutes from our door on her bike.

As you can see it’s a sweet single track trail that she has all to herself while the kids are in school.

She used to taunt me with pictures like this last fall when she was sneaking in a ride before the weather got too cold and I was at work.

Yeah she was taunting me. She initially asked me to write a post for her but she decided to write her own post. I’m still going to post this one anyway and I may not even tell her about it. In fact while she’s milking all the sympathy she can get out of this bike injury I may be posting here ocasionaly. (I’m a much bigger whiner than she is by the way)

I may decide to tell her about it or I may just surprise her. See there’s really nothing she could do to stop me because I do all the maintenance for her on this blog. Of course I suppose if she really wanted to she could find some way to stop me.

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Apr 192010

I went mountain biking today.   I went by myself like I usually do, because I have about 2 hours when all of my kids are in school, and Tac is always at work then.   I don’t mind going by myself too much, but I have wondered what I would do if I ever seriously hurt myself out there in the woods all alone.

Today I wrecked pretty bad, so I got to find out.  I’m really blessed that I didn’t break my arm, instead I almost broke my arm and hurt it quite badly.  I managed to get home so that was nice, but oooh did it hurt.   I made it a point to enjoy the ride home anyways, I figured it might be my last ride for a little while so might as well have a little fun.

I did run over a snake and that made me very sad.   I coaxed it into my water bottle to take home and try to let it heal (science experiment for the kids) but then I realized that a fast bumpy ride in a hard water bottle would not help the snakes condition, so I let it go.

I hurt.  I am writing this with a sling on my arm trying not to move it much, plus I have plenty of bruises, and scrapes.  So for my daily post I am linking to another blogger’s post on music which I read today and really enjoyed.    Here’s to me getting better quick!

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