My Dad came to visit us earlier this week. He drove 9 hrs to come and do a presentation for my son’s 3rd grade class on Native Americans. He’s just cool like that.

When he was done, all the kids were still in school so we came back to our house, ate lunch and watched Muse perform live on their H.A.A.R.P dvd. It was really fun. He had never seen them perform, or even listened very much to their music before that, but he is a musician so watching how AWESOME they are live was a great experience together. Now he knows why most of his kids love Muse so much.

We also finally went to see the Compline choir at St. Marks in Seattle that I blogged about last month. It was amazing. I can’t wait to do it again.

I have always enjoyed listening to music with my dad. I’m pretty sure its one of our favorite things to do together. When I was little, and my mom would leave him in charge he would crank up the stereo and we would rock out. I would definitely say he helped form my love for music. We also share one other thing in common now: bad hearing…..:)

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Forget Muzak, I love these 8 bit remixes.

I’m blogjacking Jen’s blog again to share these so I’ll at least stick to music she likes but you can check them out on YouTube.

Some of my favorite channels are 8bitmachine, 8bitsbrother & Florio003 which did a whole bunch of Muse songs:

Muse Plug In Baby

Muse Uprising

Muse Starlight

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Muse is releasing a new single: “Neutron Star Collision”  this week.  I’m obviously going to be getting that!  However, I happen to be going to London next week so I’m thinking of getting it there, you know so I have a really really good reason to go to a record store in London.  (note the additional “really” in the prior sentence, since its always a already a good idea to go music shopping in London)

And yes, I’m excited about it!

Now if only The Mummers were doing a show that week, but alas they are not.

Yep, still pretty excited.

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Silversun Pickups opening for Muse.

Muse. I’m getting all starry eyed just looking at this picture.  They are total rock stars, and I love it!!

Huge floating eye balls that spill red confetti all over when they popped.

I find it kind of humorous that I forgot to post something already on only the 2nd day of my “week straight of blogging challenge.”  However, as an excuse I will tell you that I have cut chocolate and all other sweets out of my diet for awhile, and I am going slightly nutty.   My SSPU concert T is a bit snug, and the cookies, home made granola bars, and ice cream that I have inhaled all spring were making themselves a little too welcome around my mid section in the form known fondly as muffin top.   I vowed this morning to be sane and cheerful, so problem should be solved….

Hope you enjoy the pics for day….shall we say 2.5?

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To quote the opening band Silversun Pickups: “Ive been waiting, Ive been waiting for this moment all my life”  (Lazy Eye) is about how I felt about going to this concert.

From the beginning:

The concert was supposed to start at 7:00, so we were quite surprised when at 7:00 we heard the concert actually starting!  Aren’t they always late?  It was torture to miss the first song, one of my personal favorites “Growing Old is Getting Old” while waiting in line for wristbands.    I could hear it in the background, but that is not the same.

The feeling I had while we were running down all the stairs to get to the crowded floor was amazing.  I was giddy and excited, and the closer we got, the more I began to feel the music play through me.  I LOVE that sensation of physically feeling the music, it vibrates in your heart.

Silversun Pickups were fantastic.   You know how some guys pick fantasy sports teams?  As far as a concert lineup goes, this would be one of my fantasy picks.   Brian Aubert’s voice is such a peculiarly pretty one, and it sounded way good live.   They looked like they were having a great time.   After the end of every song I hoped they were not done playing yet, they were so good it actually caused me to be patient for Muse.   At the end of their show some dorky radio personality came out and told the audience that he would have a special announcement about SSPU next week, I will have to check their website since I won’t be listening for it.

We waited for a really long time after that for Muse to begin.   There were three fabric skyscrapers hanging from the ceiling that had been on stage behind Silversun Pickups.  Those and the people climbing around in the lighting were all we had to look at for quite some time.  As Tac predicted each of the bandmembers was inside of one of the skyscrapers.   The lights went down, music started playing and a light show of people started walking up imaginary stairs in the skyscrapers.  Then, the fabric was dropped and there they were standing on towers and rockin our socks off with “Uprising.”

The towers moved up and down, so after another song they came down floor level for awhile.  Then when it was piano time Matt Bellamy sat down at a grand piano and the tower took him back up high.  There was so much tangible energy and noise in the room, and it quieted to a standstill immediately.   Other than the cheering after songs, we were all pretty quiet while Matt worked his magic.  Of course the piano had it’s own little light show going on.   Normally I don’t really get into the whole lasers and lights thing, but something about Muse makes it all seem perfect and incredible like they were meant for each other.

I was soooo happy when at the piano, he started playing those little notes that meant we were about to be treated to “Feeling Good.”   Seeing that song live and experiencing the megaphone was one of my “most hoped fors.”  Also of special note were “Resistance” and “Ruled By Secrecy” and ok everything they played because it was all incredible and I loved every second of it.  Yes I would have loved for them to perform “Glorious” or “Falling Away With You,” or “Sing For Absolution” but they have so much music that I didn’t go in with many particular hopes because the odds were against me.

After you have seen a band live you can’t feel the same way about them anymore.  Either you love them more or they leave a bad taste in your mouth.  Its just like dating a friend; there is no going back to the way things were before.  I really think you feel a physical connection to a band you’ve seen live, and hearing those songs again or putting on your concert tee has a special way of bringing it back for you.

Today while my five year old and I were eating lunch we watched HAARP (a live concert video of Muse from a couple years back) and it was awesome.  He is my Muse fan for sure, and we had a good time.  Plus now when I watch it I don’t pine for the day I will see them in person, CUZ I ALREADY HAVE.

Here is a link to the set list with an option to play each song as well.

Now I can’t wait for Larry and Amber to see them!

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Seattle has given me a boost -  in concert attendance.  I am the proud ticket owner for two upcoming shows, both of which I have been “hoping against hope” I would get to see someday.   I think everyone who knows me is aware that I am going to see Muse next month.   While I don’t break into spontaneous clapping and jumping anymore when I think about it, I’m still purely delighted as the big day approaches.

One month later, I will be sitting in a nice little club while Matt Hales/Aqualung makes my ears purr.   Years ago after discovering that I loved Aqualung, I read the wonderful news in the Boise Weekly  that he would be performing that month, unfortunately that particular day had already come and gone.   Another time I remember getting so excited because he was going to be in San Francisco, and then I did the math on just how far away that was from us and how impossible it would be for us to leave like that.   So, when I read that he was coming to Seattle on his really small tour, I did a happy dance, sent Tac a hyper text message and bought tix!

Aqualung is on the mellow end of my musical cup of tea, but I find that I can listen to it at any time.   Some bands require me to be in a certain mood, Aqualung is is always choice to me.  

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For days now I have been spending as much time as possible in my room.  No, I wasn’t sent there for sassing off to Tac (I wish), it is just where the best speakers are connected to the computer.  Muse was so kind and has been streaming their new album “The Resistance” from their site before it was released today.

“The Resistance” is brilliant and gorgeous and hard and symphonic and I am so happy to love Muse as much as I do right now.  The first day that I realized I could stream the entire album, I “finished my chores” and went straight to my room.  This was a wonderful day.  I had an art project to work on, and I sat up there and was totally carried away in the music.

Matthew Bellamy‘s voice is so driven and beautiful, he hits amazing notes and he amazes me.   The music, the instruments, piano, is always phenomenal coming from Muse.  The last 3 songs on this album are breathtaking symphonies.  This is not to say that the rest of the album isn’t spectacular also, because it is.

If I have to claim a favorite, it would most likely be “I Belong To You (+Mon Coeur S’ouvre A Ta Voix).”

I was reading the book “Catching Fire” last week, and as I was listening to this album with the book still fresh in my mind I realized that the songs “Resistance” and “United States of Eurasia” are perfect “soundtrack” songs.   The person most likely that I know to have read the book and heard the songs is Amber K, so Amber let me know what you think about that.

I’m a reeeaallly happy kid right now :)

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Tee hee hee, I’m so happy! I just found out yesterday (after I had already posted about them) that Muse has created another album. It is called “The Resistance” and I will be purchasing it on Sep. 14th when it is released.

This is HUGE to me, I wish I could properly convey the excitement that I’m feeling. Perhaps the only way is for you to check out their site and listen to “Uprising” and “United States of Eurasia” then maybe you and I will be feeling it together.

Lately I have been wishfully thinking that maybe Muse would be coming out with something soon, but they are so intense and astonishingly completely wonderful  that I feel it is only right to be patient while waiting and give them sufficient time to create.   So “The Resistance” is like the best present that I didn’t even have to suffer and wait for!

Listen and comment, please. :)

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Yes, you are already very aware that I love Muse. But sometimes you just have to vent or share and this is one of them.

I was feeling so downish while I was cleaning up after lunch today.  You spend the time to make a meal, you get it all ready and on the table, people come eat it, they leave, and you are left alone to clean it all up and get everything shiny again.  Then you know you just have to do it again in a few hours.  Also lingering in my thoughts was the dread of taking the kids school supplies shopping later today (not fun).

During all of this my iPod was on shuffle, then came those lovely little flitting notes followed by guitars and it was like smelling a rose on a warm summer night.  Everything in my body went into happy easy breathing mode.  “Glorious” by Muse may have actually changed my chemical makeup.

When this song is playing, I can’t tell you what time it is or if we have to be somewhere later, I mostly just crank the volume and drift along to it.  Do any of you have a song like that?

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