So I’m having a great summer, but my blog is getting a little dusty what with the lack of being written on.  If it weren’t for Tac’s highjacking a few weeks ago, it may have run away from home all together looking for someone who would love it and play fetch with it.   (yes my dog sent me telepathic messages all day that I feel guilty for ignoring)

I have not really bought any new music lately, or made a musical discovery that made me do the jump and clap thing, but I have still been living my life to music all the same.  And I still think about it all the time too.  I was reading my friend Scary Larry’s blog today all about his lovely experience at a Black Happy reunion concert.   He said something that sparked my mind:

Black Happy’s music has always stayed with me, much like my most treasured friendships of my youth. I needed this concert to reconnect me with who I was then and with people and a place that I seemingly abandoned. Black Happy gave me the courage as a teen to be me and not what I thought I should be in comparison to others my age. Through them learned it was possible to rock the casbah and maintain my integrity at the same time. I still carry that with me today.

While I have been to at least two Black Happy shows in my life, and loved every bit of them, I am a little bit older than Larry, and so Black Happy was not “that band” for me.  I was already in college when we went to see them.   So….what was that band for me?   After carefully considering my options, I came back to the same band that I thought of right away:  Oingo Boingo.

They were different, a little crazy, and sooo much more than just “Weird Science.”   I don’t even like that song.  I would listen to them, and really experience their music, and have to do it on my own usually since almost nobody that I knew liked them very much, and that was ok.  In a way, that was a good lesson on how being different from your friends was ok, and it didn’t mean that you were worth less or insignificant or less alluring….just not to everyone.   But knowing that Oingo Boingo is awesome, even though not everyone thinks so is a pathway to knowing that you are awesome even if not everyone realizes it.  Or something like that.

Here’s “Grey Matter” from a live show I only wish I could have been at, I don’t even know where that show was, but any of them would have been extraordinary.   One of my musical regrets in life is never getting to see Boingo live.

And Larry, I’m so glad you got to see Black Happy again!  I loved what you wrote about it.

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Dear Billy,

I think we need to take some time apart for a little while.    Some time apart would do us good, you know, I just need to see some other bands, listen to other music.

So lets just take a little break, you do your thing and I’ll do mine, and we’ll see what happens.  It will be kind of hard, but I’m not even going to play you on my iPod for a couple weeks.  I look forward to hearing your new material when its released, and I’m not taking your pictures down.  When this is over, I really hope that we are both moving in the same direction and that the spark and connection is there like it always has been.

from, Jen.

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