On most days “Say Hi” is one of my top 5 favorite bands.  When it comes down to what do I want to listen to today? the dry, humorous, off the beaten path, yet geniusly poignant lyrics of Eric Elbogen are often my first choice.   Plus, I really enjoy his voice and the music that he plays to go with it.   When we saw him perform this summer at a park in Seattle, he sang a new song from his upcoming album, so I knew there was one on the way.   “Um, Uh Oh” is finally here.

We waited until the night of the show to get it, I enjoyed doing that so much the week before at a different concert that we just decided to do it again.   That way we heard all the songs live first and got what I like to imagine as an added flavor or something silly like that.  I so much enjoyed the show/album release party.

Eric E sat front and center at a drum set with a microphone and guitars within reach.  It was really fun to watch him play, change instruments, and just sing like he does.   I don’t think he ever puts on any kind of pretense, he seems very genuine and his music is quite heartfelt.  Also good, I want to make that point clear.

Earlier albums had really fun songs all about vampires (pre-Twilight), spaceships or robots(“Your brains vs My Tractorbeam) and love; or some form thereof.  This latest one seems to be about more personal or grown up material like dating and the after-effects of dating, and still (thank goodness) love.

This was not a stand still and listen to music event, most of the audience including Tac and I, were totally dancing (we are not talking about boogieing down here).    At the end of a song, Eric E told us that we had just heard the last song of the show, and that he would now play the encore.  Apparently he has talked to the audience at previous shows about how he feels about encores, I have not been to those shows so I don’t know exactly what he said, but I do know that I think encores are lame and a big waste of everyone’s time.   It was cool.   They start their tour next month, and I highly recommend this show to almost every person that I know.

And I can’t end without saying that we really missed our friends Scary Larry and Amber.  Larry introduced us to Say Hi, and I am uber grateful that he shared.

Also, our friend Darren was there so that was fun.

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I did something I don’t do very much, I went running.  I ran around the track for an hour during my son’s soccer practice.   I needed a workout that didn’t involve my sore shoulder.

While running, I had my ipod on shuffle because I just love being surprised.   The most perfect song started playing about half way through and it just really made me appreciate EVEN MORE what a fabulous place I live in:

“Northwestern Girls” from Say Hi’s album “The Wishes and the Glitch.”   I love this song, but  now I really love this song.   Because you know I’m a Northwestern girl and I was breathing in “the air here” and it is some amazing air.   And the falling leaves make it smell even better, especially with that crisp October edge.

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Living in the Seattle area of WA has been wonderful.  In general we just feel at peace here, and the music scene has been good to us as well.   We have been looking forward to seeing the local band Say Hi for quite some time, the first time was a couple years ago when we ended up Tac sick, and me hurt on the day of the show.   Then Tac was rear ended on the freeway the day of the next Say Hi show we wanted to see.

So when Say Hi was announced as one of the bands playing for Seattle’s “concerts on the green” free concerts in the park nights, I was so happy!  The kids were thrilled to be attending with us, the boys clarified with me at least 10 times that they were actually coming with us.  What a great opportunity for them.   Emma even brought a friend, we had a fantastic time.

The weather was perfect, like it usually is here in the summer.   Warmish, sunny, cool ocean breeze, and then as the sun went down it was time for jackets.   Right behind the stage was the Space Needle, and my sons had a good time watching that as well.

Say Hi  mildly yet unreservedly delivered some excellent music.   I was so taken in with the way Eric Elbogen sang his songs in the park.   He played and sang like he was on a stage, in an empty theatre, just singing because he likes it and because the words in his songs actually mean something.   I think I would have been nervous to sing like that; so open and exposed in such a big spacious, somewhat loud place, yet he appeared to be assured and confident.

My kids thought he was witty when he would say “this is a song” and then start playing it with out any further introduction.  They thought they were witty when they would cheer after the songs and yell “hi” (since the name of the band is “Say Hi”)

Say Hi was fun to watch, played a little something from their next album, told some jokes, reassured us that their awesome vampire songs were written before Twilight, and in general were such a pleasure to spend a Friday night with.

Plus, they list Joss Whedon as one of their influences; you know, the man behind Buffy the Vampire Slayer,  so you know they are cool.  Also they are funny and when you visit their myspace page and listen to the tunes, read the “bio” section too.

Also, I almost forgot to mention the super cool opening band “The Tea Cozies.”  They were seriously fun to see, and I am hopeful that I will see them again some time.

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Say Hi To Your Mom (8/31/06) - Maxwell's, NJ
Image by Jalapeño via Flickr

Say Hi’s new album “Ooohs and Ahhs”  has been played a lot at our house this last week.  Say Hi is one of the bands that validates to me why I can’t live happily without  having the music playing.

(What a difference from the band featured in my last post; Tinted Windows, who have some talent but choose to use it poorly and not find a better singer, not to mention the superficial lame lyrics.)

Say Hi appeals to everything in me, in a soft melting all over you and leaking inside the cracks way.  The music doesn’t interrupt or enter abrasively, but it gets into your head all the same.  The lyrics are sometimes hard to understand, you have to really be listening to understand them, but the cool thing is that every once in a bit you finally figure out what he is saying and its one of the wittiest things ever.

How can the lyrics keep being so genius, and original?  That is what I was asking myself while buying this latest album, slightly worried that it couldn’t be done.  Yah right, “Oohs and Ahhs” is pretty much supercalifragilistic.

Also, Say Hi is touring right now and BEST OF ALL, I will be seeing them next month!  I am thrilled.  Please see them here for their concert schedule if you would like to see them, or listen to “November was white, December was Gray” from the new album.

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