Silversun Pickups opening for Muse.

Muse. I’m getting all starry eyed just looking at this picture.  They are total rock stars, and I love it!!

Huge floating eye balls that spill red confetti all over when they popped.

I find it kind of humorous that I forgot to post something already on only the 2nd day of my “week straight of blogging challenge.”  However, as an excuse I will tell you that I have cut chocolate and all other sweets out of my diet for awhile, and I am going slightly nutty.   My SSPU concert T is a bit snug, and the cookies, home made granola bars, and ice cream that I have inhaled all spring were making themselves a little too welcome around my mid section in the form known fondly as muffin top.   I vowed this morning to be sane and cheerful, so problem should be solved….

Hope you enjoy the pics for day….shall we say 2.5?

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To quote the opening band Silversun Pickups: “Ive been waiting, Ive been waiting for this moment all my life”  (Lazy Eye) is about how I felt about going to this concert.

From the beginning:

The concert was supposed to start at 7:00, so we were quite surprised when at 7:00 we heard the concert actually starting!  Aren’t they always late?  It was torture to miss the first song, one of my personal favorites “Growing Old is Getting Old” while waiting in line for wristbands.    I could hear it in the background, but that is not the same.

The feeling I had while we were running down all the stairs to get to the crowded floor was amazing.  I was giddy and excited, and the closer we got, the more I began to feel the music play through me.  I LOVE that sensation of physically feeling the music, it vibrates in your heart.

Silversun Pickups were fantastic.   You know how some guys pick fantasy sports teams?  As far as a concert lineup goes, this would be one of my fantasy picks.   Brian Aubert’s voice is such a peculiarly pretty one, and it sounded way good live.   They looked like they were having a great time.   After the end of every song I hoped they were not done playing yet, they were so good it actually caused me to be patient for Muse.   At the end of their show some dorky radio personality came out and told the audience that he would have a special announcement about SSPU next week, I will have to check their website since I won’t be listening for it.

We waited for a really long time after that for Muse to begin.   There were three fabric skyscrapers hanging from the ceiling that had been on stage behind Silversun Pickups.  Those and the people climbing around in the lighting were all we had to look at for quite some time.  As Tac predicted each of the bandmembers was inside of one of the skyscrapers.   The lights went down, music started playing and a light show of people started walking up imaginary stairs in the skyscrapers.  Then, the fabric was dropped and there they were standing on towers and rockin our socks off with “Uprising.”

The towers moved up and down, so after another song they came down floor level for awhile.  Then when it was piano time Matt Bellamy sat down at a grand piano and the tower took him back up high.  There was so much tangible energy and noise in the room, and it quieted to a standstill immediately.   Other than the cheering after songs, we were all pretty quiet while Matt worked his magic.  Of course the piano had it’s own little light show going on.   Normally I don’t really get into the whole lasers and lights thing, but something about Muse makes it all seem perfect and incredible like they were meant for each other.

I was soooo happy when at the piano, he started playing those little notes that meant we were about to be treated to “Feeling Good.”   Seeing that song live and experiencing the megaphone was one of my “most hoped fors.”  Also of special note were “Resistance” and “Ruled By Secrecy” and ok everything they played because it was all incredible and I loved every second of it.  Yes I would have loved for them to perform “Glorious” or “Falling Away With You,” or “Sing For Absolution” but they have so much music that I didn’t go in with many particular hopes because the odds were against me.

After you have seen a band live you can’t feel the same way about them anymore.  Either you love them more or they leave a bad taste in your mouth.  Its just like dating a friend; there is no going back to the way things were before.  I really think you feel a physical connection to a band you’ve seen live, and hearing those songs again or putting on your concert tee has a special way of bringing it back for you.

Today while my five year old and I were eating lunch we watched HAARP (a live concert video of Muse from a couple years back) and it was awesome.  He is my Muse fan for sure, and we had a good time.  Plus now when I watch it I don’t pine for the day I will see them in person, CUZ I ALREADY HAVE.

Here is a link to the set list with an option to play each song as well.

Now I can’t wait for Larry and Amber to see them!

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I’m essentially wonder-struck with Mew‘s newest album “No More Stories...”  Neither Tac or I have listened to much else since it arrived at our house.  Our five year old has been singing the words “sometimes life isn’t easy” because that is his favorite song from the album.

I have spent a lot of time talking about Mew lately, so we will leave them now with the final comment that this album rocks and moves exquisitely.

I also bought Imogen Heap‘s new album “Ellipse.”  I really enjoy her music, she makes me feel a little more dancy than usual.  This album is full of real emotions that I feel when I listen to it.  I love that her music comes straight from her and you can tell that she makes it how she wants, and that her musical integrity is very strong.  This album is just the right amount of her older style with something new too.  Watch a music video for “First Train Home” or listen to her myspace

And finally (since I have to hurry up and go because we have soccer) I wanted to mention what my son said to me while we were walking home from taking Zave to school: “Mom, can we listen to Silversun Pickups when we get home?”  I can’t tell you how much I love this child :)

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Basically at this point it has been so long since last I posted that I am doing a big blogging faux pau, and writing about all kinds of stuff at one time. Tac, my social media expert and husband will not totally love it, but what are you gonna do? Besides, he’s too nice to say anything.

So much has been happening in the land of music! I haven’t been writing about it, but I’ve sure been thinking about it a lot. I feel overwhelmed at the thought of trying to play catchup and making separate posts for all this, hence the all at once.

At the Barfly in Brighton, 21/02/08.

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First of all, I love White Lies and their new album To Lose My Life. Of course Scary Larry told me about them. Tac and I both have listened to then a ton. They are best loud, but quieter works too.

Cover of

Cover of Tale to Tell

The Mummers have turned their EP “Tale to Tell, part 1″ into a full length album. Seriously, if you haven’t, please listen to them and feel the love, and if you didn’t like them the first time TRY AGAIN! They added 4 wonderful songs, of which I am so impressed with all four. When I am in the mood for pure beauty and magic I turn to them.

My daughter got an iTunes gift card and I was so proud when she bought some more Relient K (her favorite band) and an EP from HelloGoodbye (the one with the avocado on the front). She is adorable.

Jimmy Chamberlain left The Smashing Pumpkins! And, I’m totally excited about it too. Why not be happy about it, since its that or be upset. I am entirely hopeful that Billy Corgan will just crank out some wonderful things with a new creative juice or something like that. I also wish the best for Jimmy, he is amazing, I love his work with The Pumpkins, but like I said earlier: I choose optimism over sadness and despair right now. Plus, I really love Adore, and that was done without Jimmy for all you non-pumpkin nerds.

Swoon album cover

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The Silversun Pickups have a new album, Swoon, and it has made me very happy. One of my favorite songs is called “Growing old is getting old.” My brother Adam is turning 30 today, so I am dedicating this to him. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ADAM!!!! I am saying this is going to one of the albums on many people’s “best of 2009″ lists. I just keep listening, and it gets cooler every time.

If you are still reading: “hey thanks.”

And Happy Late Birthday to you, Larry!

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Aug 242008
Cover of "Pikul"

Cover of Pikul

While making a routine examination of band websites looking for tour and other info, I noticed that the Silversun Pickups had an album called “Pikul” that I had never heard of before. I guess when we bought “Carnavas” I just assumed it was their only one and didn’t notice this EP released in 2005.

There are 5 songs, the first of which is Kissing Families which can be heard on their myspace. The first time I heard this song I knew who was playing, but I think even if I wouldn’t have known, I could have picked up on the fact that is was SSPU after the first few chords, because it sounded just so like them.

Another of my fav’s on this album is “Comeback Kid” which you can watch a video to right here:

We have been listening to Pikul a lot the last 2 weeks, its kind of like a treat to hold us over until the new album comes out.

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