I have been having tons o’ fun in London.  I have not, however, been able to listen to music in my normal ways.

I don’t have a car, and I used to LOVE music in the car because you can concentrate and listen so much closer (and louder when the kids are not with you).

I don’t have any of my stereo, music playing devices other than my computer and my i phone.  The first week or so I was a snob and didn’t listen to much music because I didn’t want to if it wasnt on good speakers.  Then I got desperate, and now i’m very happy to just have my phone playing a tune in whatever room I am in.  No more snotty here.

Also, I have not had decent enough internet access most of the time to even try and listen to new things.   I have felt a little stifled.

Last Saturday we were celebrating my daughters 13th birthday in Covent Garden and doing a bit of shopping.  While she and I were in a posh shoe store, I found myself being much more interested in the song that was playing than the beautiful shoes that surrounded me.  I got brave, and asked the clerk if he could find out who the band was, and he did, and they are called Stornoway.  I still have the cute little card that he wrote the band name on for me.

My internet connection was so bad that I couldn’t really get a good chance at listening to them.  But I waited all week, and tonight I was rewarded.  I’n pretty sure that this is the song we were listening to:

They are a British band, named after an Irish town. They sound like everything that is wonderful and that I love about England so far. Check out Stornoway’s cool website and be sure to watch the video for “I Saw You Blink” because the drummer is using a lopped off human head for a drum and it’s quite amusing, and the music is good too (lets not forget that, right?)

Now I just have to figure out we are doing our music purchasing here in the UK and I wil be listening to their album Beachcomber’s Windowsill in no time. Yay for good music!

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