Today was fun.  I got my first London haircut and its totally punk-rock.   Its buzzed  about 3/4  of the way up, and then the top layers are hanging over above it.  Its one of those haircuts that you have to be committed to, but I am very happy with it.  It reminds me of an early 90′s skater cut.

The haircut took almost all the money I had in my wallet.  It was way more than I am used to paying in the U.S.   But since I didn’t have the kids with me I took the opportunity to stop in the local music store and check it out, and more specifically see if they had the latest Mummers cd “Mink Hollow Road.”

I have checked other music stores in London and not had any luck, but somehow hadn’t looked in my local one yet!

When “Mink Hollow Road” came out months ago I of course wanted to buy it right away, but it wasn’t available in the U.S. and it was more than I wanted to spend to import it.   Plus by then we were already well aware that we might have the opportunity to buy it in the U.K. if we moved here this summer.

The cd was there, and since its a 6 track EP, it was just 5 pounds.   I felt just like I did when I was in college (or “at University” ) as I looked through my wallet and found that if I counted out all my change I had just enough for the cd.   I was totally grinning while I handed over my coins for a new cd and walked home rocking the new hair cut.


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Do you like to make play lists?  Do you remember the days of the “mixed tape” with affection?  I wish I still had every mixed tape anyone, including myself, ever made for me!   Mixed cd’s are also a treasure, if any of you that are reading this have ever received a mixed cd from myself, its because  “hey; I really like you.”

So if you’re into that, or just really want to win an i tunes gift card then j* at Digestable Trax is having a play list contest you probably want to enter.   The deadline is almost here, so you need to do it quickly, but isn’t that when we all do our best work anyways?   I just finally entered it last night, and since I was just hours away from going to see Say Hi when I made my list, there are like 3 Say Hi songs….perfect.

ALSO…while we are on the topic; I want to share with you a recent mixed cd song list I used to make 2 cd’s last week for new babies and their grown up peeps as well.  I didn’t put each of these songs on both cd’s, this is just every song I ended up putting on both put together.

*This Is Heaven- The Mummers (read the rest of the list below while you listen to this pretty little song)

*Around Us- Jonsi

*New Friend- Aqualung

*All my friends are insects- Weezer

*Special- Mew

*Wake me up- The Mummers

*Boy Lilikoi- Jonsi

*Bilavisur- Bjork (gling-glo)

*The Ceiling on the wall- Bryan Scary and the Shredding Tears

*Magnetic North- Aqualung

*Kata Rokkar- Bjork

*Luna- Smashing Pumpkins

*My Blue Heaven- Smashing Pumpkins

*Love Never Dies- from musical by same name

*Reel my In- Aqualung

*Getting Old- HelloGoodbye

*Go Do- Jonsi

*Animal Arithmatic- Jonsi

*Block after Block- Matt and Kim

*Wildcat- Ratatat

*Meet the Elements- They might be Giants

I just *KNOW* my darling new niece is going to be a little music lover

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