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One of the things I love about Stephenie Meyer so much is that music makes a big contribution to her writing. She is then so kind as to share her playlists with us, so we can hear what songs and voices inspired her books. She also thanks the band Muse in more than one of her books for creating their beautiful music, as it has fueled her awesome writing even more. Since I love Muse *almost* as much as Billy Corgan, that kind of thing makes me all happy.

Not all of the bands on this list are held in my highest esteem though, some of them were never even considered for my own personal “Twilight” playlist, and while I am no expert in this, it would seem almost scientifically impossible for such fabulous writing to have been inspired by songs I feel such animosity towards. But I learned a long time ago that not everyone can share in my exact vision of what perfect music is :)

Breaking Dawn Playlist

Book I

* Beach Boys: Wouldn’t It Be Nice
* Billy Idol: White Wedding
* (INXS: Never Tear Us Apart)
* (Muse: Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You)
* Blue October: Congratulations
* Plain White T’s: Take Me Away
* Jack’s Mannequin: Dark Blue
* Coldplay: No More Keeping My Feet on the Ground
* Fuel: Hemorrhage

Book II

* Nine Inch Nails: Down In It
* Aerosmith: What it Takes
* Incubus: Earth to Bella (part 1)
* Interpol: No I in Threesome
* Korn: Twisted Transistor
* TV on the Radio: Wolf Like Me
* My Chemical Romance: The Sharpest Lives
* Motion City Soundtrack: Point of Extinction
* R.E.M.: Accelerate
* Blue October: My Never (song not released until March 2009)
* Jimmy Gnecco: Someone to Die For

Book III

* Smashing Pumpkins: Today
* Right Said Fred: I’m Too Sexy
* (Jimmy Eat World: Chase this Light)
* (Jackie Wilson: Your Love is Lifting Me Higher)
* Linkin Park: Pts. Of Athrty
* 3 Doors Down: Duck and Run
* Simon and Garfunkel: Hazy Shade of Winter
* Death Cab for Cutie: I Will Follow You Into the Dark
* Muse: Intro [Absolution]
* Muse: Take A Bow
* Muse: Assassin
* Ok Go: Invincible
* Travi: Safe
* Arcade Fire: No Cars Go

As much as I never wanted names like Linkin Park, Korn, Incubus, or Fuel to ever, EVER, make an appearance on this blog, I decided to give you the full (un-jen-edited) version. Stephenie’s site has a cool little player where you can listen to all of these songs if you like.

I was thrilled to see INXS’s “Never Tear Us Apart” because that was a favorite song for many years of my young life. “Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You” by Muse was a new found treasure for me, and I have enjoyed it a bunch. NIN’s “Down in It” paints an accurate picture of the emotional pain taking place in the book, I have not listened to that song in years so it was fun to hear it again. TV on the Radio’s “Wolf Like Me” is the most perfect song for Jacob, plus I totally like that song, and I always dig a little My Chemical Romance.

FINALLY!!!! The Smashing Pumpkins made it on one of her playlists; and “Today” is one of the greatest songs ever, its also one of their most popular and being the fan that I am I wish one of their lesser known songs could have found it’s way to the list as well…perhaps “Eye” since that is such a hot sexy song, and so is the PG honeymoon scene in the book…but I’m still overjoyed for “Today.” Also, “Invinsible” by OK Go is such a perfect song for the end of Breaking Dawn, great song pick. I have not heard Coldplay’s “No More Keeping My Feet on the Ground,” but it gives me something fun to look forward to buying soon…(along with Block Party’s new album which I was so happy to read was released today).

If you really liked the books, you might enjoy seeing a few pictures from a little Breaking Dawn party my cousin had a couple weeks ago. You can see them on my lovely sister’s site. Enjoy!

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