Cover of "Tale to Tell"
Cover of Tale to Tell

I have been waiting a very long time (at least a year, which, put in the Jen time converter is equal to centuries) for The Mummers album to come to life. I have had to make due with their two songs I was able to purchase last year, circulating as many playlists on my ipod as I could think of.

The Mummers truly have their own lovely sound, they have a band; more like an orchestra, that accompanies Rice’s voice so nicely. Its tricky, I think anyways, to get the right sound with that kind of a band. It seems like it would almost be too scary to try. But The Mummers pull it off, with almost a magical effect, like when the horn player isn’t busy he’s sprinkling fairy dust or something. They even practice in a tree house.

They are a local band in Brighton, England, and if I ever get to go to England I am planning my trip around one of their shows (and Aqualung if I could be so lucky).

See below as they perform one of the songs from the new album: “Tale to Tell.” I really like this album.

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