“what if this sound could bring you peace?”
I always love that line from the song “Apples + Oranges” on The Smashing Pumpkins spectacular album Adore. Because whenever I hear it, that is exactly what is happening; I am feeling peace, well-being and soothingness from the sounds Billy Corgan & Co.
This actually isn’t even a post about Billy, or music for that matter, I was just thinking of it and wanted to write it down.

This is more of an explanatory post on what else I have been up to lately, accompanied by music of course…..my life would be dreary without my daily soundtrack. Life got hectic for us almost two weeks ago when we were sitting at a stoplight and got rear ended HARD. No one was seriously hurt, but the little aches and back pains have not gone away yet. Also, the process of talking to insurance and getting a rental car takes huge chunks out of one’s day. That is reason one that I have been a slacker.

Reason two is that I have an addiction problem with a series of three books written by Stephenie Meyer. Since the accident I have manged to re-read (for the third time in 6 months) the first two of the series; Twilight and New Moon. Since her newest book The Host comes out this week, the third vampire book, Eclipse, will have to wait. What is going on with me? My favorite authors have always been the classics like Charles Dickens and Jane Austen, and I still read those…in between the vampire romance adventures.

There is a movie coming out about the first book, Twilight, and here it is for your viewing pleasure

I have also been reading a very exciting Peter Pan trilogy to my kids, the first book in the series is called Peter and the Star Catchers. My 3, 6 and 9 year old are all totally “hooked.” It has been so much fun reading to them, I think we will read the Eragon books this summer.

I have to give an honorable mention to watering, and weed pulling in this post on what has been taking me away from posting on music that I love.

And one very last cool thing, my husband is graduating from the Boise State Executive MBA program this month. Yahoo!! No more homework.

While I have been slacking, have any of you heard good stuff? (thanks Jason for the comment you left a couple weeks ago)

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  1. With all the press surrounding Stephanie Meyer right now, I decided to buy Twilight for Amber. She read it in a day. Liked it that much. So now I’m going out to buy the second one for her, plus probably The Host. I’m reading The Assault on Reason by Al Gore right now, nothing as exciting as vampire romance.

    Good stuff that has been on heavy iPod rotation: Say Hi To Your Mom, David Bowie, and Fugazi

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