Jen's new Mew shirt.


Last year I got all crafty and made a Smashing Pumpkins hoodie, and I guess I’ve been bitten again (unfortunately that is not an Edward Cullen reference) because I made another band shirt

If you’re a fan, then you already know that is the Mew angel (my daughter will argue that its a bunny).  I’m getting pretty excited about the new album they have been working on, and I had to do something tangible to channel my energy through. 

Plus, I really like band shirts, but I don’t like how they fit me whenever I buy one.  Solution: go to the Gap and buy a shirt that fits you and feels good, then do your own thing.

For this shirt I ended up blowing up a copy of the angel, tracing it onto the shirt with a pencil and going over that with a fabric marker.  

So, love and good luck to Mew in their endeavors with the new album. 

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